Past ECR Success Stories

Past ECR Success Stories


Dr Melanie Zeppel for winning the 2019 Scopus Research Award for excellence in creating a sustainable future. Melanie was awarded the top prize for her research program that provides new insights and understanding on plants’ responses to climate change.  The research has facilitated better management of water resources for humans, agriculture and native landscapes, developing a better understanding of the processes that determine water movement through ecosystems.

Dr Alexandra Bhatti, Dr Katrina Hutchison, and  Dr Bingyang Shi for being awarded 2019 Staff Academic Awards. Congratulations also to all ECR finalists:

  • Excellence in Research - Five Future-shaping Research Priorities: Dr Celia Harris
  • MQ Early Career Researcher of the Year (HASS): Dr Miriam Forbes, Dr Milena Gandy, Dr Katrina Hutchison
  • MQ Early Career Researcher of the Year (STEMM): Dr Mohsen Asadnia, Dr Devika Kamath, Dr Bingyang Shi
  • Vice-Chancellor's Learning and Teaching Student Nominated Award: Dr Sonya Willis, Dr Joel Fuller, Ms Alexandra Bhatti, Dr Bruno Alves Buzatto, Dr Paul Crosby, Dr Gaurav Gupta, Dr LayPeng Tan
  • Vice-Chancellor's Learning and Teaching Sessional Staff Award: Dr Frances Chang, Dr Saartje Tack,
  • Vice-Chancellor's Learning and Teaching Early Career Award: Ms Alexandra Bhatti, Dr Christopher Lustri, Dr Chong It Tan
  • Vice-Chancellor's Award for Teaching Excellence: Dr Yves-Heng Lim with Fred Smith and Dr Adam Lockyer, Dr Matthew Bulbert and team, Dr Prashan Shayanka Mendis Karunaratne
  • Vice-Chancellor's Award for Learning Innovation: Dr Mauricio Marrone
  • Vice-Chancellor's Educational Leader Award: Dr Matthew Bulbert, Dr Prashan Shayanka Mendis Karunaratne

Dr Simon Gross, who was awarded a Menzies Foundation Science Entrepreneurships Fellowship.

Dr Lindsay Parker and Dr David Arnold for being selected for the Top 10 Fresh Science Finalists for NSW.

Dr Tom Baudinette from the Department of International Studies, Languages and Culture for his recent media appearance. Tom was interviewed in a segment titled “The power of K-pop” on Weekend Today (18 August 2019) about the rise of K-pop fandom in Australia. Read more about Tom’s research here.

Dr Randa Abdel Fattah, DECRA Fellow from the Department of Sociology, who appeared at the Melbourne Writer’s Festival in August in a number of events including Why YA?, The Opposite of Love, and Arab, Australian, Other. Read more about Randa’s research here.

Dr Simon Clulow, Dr Noushin Nasiri and Dr Chris Reid for receiving the 2019 NSW Young Tall Poppy award. The Tall Poppy Campaign recognises the achievements of Australian scientists through the prestigious annual Young Tall Poppy Science Awards. Tall Poppy winners undertake activities to promote interest in science among school students and teachers, and broaden the understanding and appreciation of science in the wider community.


Congratulations to Macquarie University’s new DECRA fellows starting in 2019Dr Zichun Wang(Engineering) for the project ‘Tailoring multifunctional single site catalysts for carbon dioxide conversion’; Dr Christopher Reid (Biological Sciences) for the project ‘Ant-inspired rules for self-assembly in swarm robotics and complex systems’; Dr Jonas Wolff (Biological Sciences) for the project ‘Building your future: builder-building coevolution in animal architectures’; Dr Aline Jaeckel (Marine Research Centre) for the project ‘Mining the deep oceans: ensuring compliance with international obligations’; Dr Le (Lyla) Zhang (Economics) for the project ‘Economic analysis of time constraints on decision-making in health’; Dr Lisi Beyersmann (Cognitive Science) for the project ‘Learning to read and understand complex words’; Dr Devika Kamath (Astronomy and Astrophysics) for the project ‘Cosmic alchemy: revealing the origin of elements in the universe’; Dr Catherine Bishop (Business & Economics) for the project ‘A history of Australian businesswomen since 1880’Dr Adam Hochman (Philosophy) for the project ‘Social constructionism about race’; and Dr Glenn Kefford (Modern History, Politics and International Relations) for the project ‘Data, digital and field: political parties and 21st century campaigning’.

Our four new Superstars of STEM from the Faculty of Science and Engineering: Dr Lizzy Lowe, an urban ecologist who works with local communities to improve the health of our cities with a particular passion for raising the public profile of under-appreciated animals such as spiders, and encouraging engagement with nature in cities; Dr Devika Kamath, an astrophysicist recognised for her work on observational studies of dying stars and their implications on the origin of elements in the universe; Dr Kate Selway, an Earth scientist currently focused on understanding why plate tectonics happens, knowing where to explore for ore deposits, and improving measurements of ice loss from ice sheets and Dr Georgia Ward-Fear, a conservation biologist with a broad interest in evolution, ecology, invasive species and reptiles.

Read more about our new Superstars of STEM here.

Drs Jennifer Barr and Dr Kerry-Ann O’Sullivan (Department of Educational Studies) who received a Vice Chancellor’s Citation for their Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning.

Dr Simon Gross from the Department of Physics and Astronomy has been awarded a 2018 NSW Young Tall Poppy Science Award for his work with laser and microchip technology. Young Tall Poppy Awards recognise outstanding early career researchers who are passionate about communicating their science and engaging with the community. Read more about Simon's win and research here.

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