Past ECR Events

Past ECR Events

Past ECR Events

The ECR Network aims to provide researcher development training throughout the year in the form of seminars, workshops, and panel sessions.

Missed out on attending a session?

Below you can find event-related resources for our hosted events. These resources include recordings, slides, take-away sheets, and additional information when available.

2020 Past Events

Media Engagement 101: An introduction for researchers

September 1, 2pm – 3:30pm

Have you ever thought about getting your research into the media but weren’t too sure how to do it? Where to get started? Who to ask for help? Or what it would entail?

To provide some insight into these questions, the ECR Network put together a panel of media experts and academic researchers who have a range of experiences (from beginner novice to established veterans) with telling their research stories to various media outlets. Moderated by Angie Kelly, editor of The Lighthouse, our panel discussed their personal experiences in engaging with the media and utilising the support available through Macquarie’s media team.

The recording of the session is available for those who missed out. After you watch the recording please fill out this survey to help the ECR Network with future event planning.

Recording Timestamps

1min 31s: Moderator Angie Kelly (Editor, The Lighthouse;

5min 44s: Panellist Professor Lesley Hughes (PVC Research Integrity and Development)

16min 46s: Dr Vanessa Pirotta (Faculty Science and Engineering)

28min 0s: Dr Sarah Keith (Faculty of Arts)

30min 0s: Dr Monica Ren (Macquarie Business School)

48min 46s: Dr Rohan Best (Macquarie Business School)

57min 14s: Michael Yiannakis (Communications Adviser, Group Marketing)

1h 13min 30s: Audience Q&A

Got a story?

Have an interesting article idea? Or perhaps you want to promote your soon-to-be-published research but you don't know where to start? Alternatively, have you been contacted by media for commentary, but are unsure how to proceed?

Reach out to the MQ Media Team and one of their staff will help you work through your media engagement. To help the team with your article idea, please include your faculty and department and a brief description (~100 words) of your research story.

Additional Resources

Examples of panellists' media engagements

  • Lesley Hughes’ (FSE) article on working as a climate scientist in The Monthly
  • Vanessa Pirotta’s (FSE) interview with ABC News Breakfast talking about Migaloo the famous white humpback whale
  • Sarah Keith’s (Arts) guest appearance on The Music Show, ABC Radio National, as expert commentator on K-pop
  • Monica Ren’s (MQBS) co-authored article in The Conversation on the supply chain & US-China trade
  • Rohan Best’s (MQBS) interviews for SBS News article on the effectiveness of carbon pricing

The ECR Network's take-away tips from the session

Vanessa Pirotta's video on Social Media Tips

FAQs on Liasing with the Media by MQ's Media Team

Preparing for Academic Promotions

When applying for an academic promotion at MQ and after submitting your application you next need to start thinking about the interview process. To help prepare ECRs applying for a Level B or Level C promotion, the ECR Network hosted a panel of experienced promotions panellists from each Faculty who shared their insight on how the interview process works, what panellists are looking for, what you can do to prepare for a successful interview, potential stumbling blocks to avoid, and opportunities to shine. Two successfully promoted ECRs from the last round also joined the panel to add their experiences and perspectives on the Academic Promotion Interview process.

The recording of the session is available for those who missed out. After you watch the recording please fill out this survey to help the ECR Network with future event planning.

Additional Resources

For additional advice, feel free to view last year’s panel session recording and slides.

Conducting Research in the Online Sphere

Ever considered conducting your research online? Or perhaps you want to adapt and conduct your research online during social distancing restrictions? Whether interviewing people using online meeting platforms like Zoom or conducting fieldwork in the wild lands of Facebook or Twitter, there are both project design and ethical practicalities that need to be considered.

To get you started, Dr Tom Baudinette (Faculty of Arts ECR Representative) and Dr Kandy White (Director, Research Ethics and Integrity) ran an online workshop covering the fundamentals of conducting research online. From his own research experiences, Tom discussed considerations for research project design, available methodologies and practices, and the benefits and limitations of researching in the online sphere. And Kandy walked us through ethical considerations that need to be addressed.

The recording of the session is available for those who missed out. If you watch the recording please fill out this survey to help the ECR Network with future event planning.

Additional Resources

Take-away questions to ponder
  • If adapting a current project: "How can we incorporate digital methodologies into pre-existing projects that have some form of traditional methodologies in which using online methods doesn’t just extend the project but introduces some sort of new element or new analytical possibility?"
  • For new projects: "How can digital methods open up spaces for traditional methods in a post COVID world? ((need to think longer term)"
Reading List
  • Anna Cristina Pertierra. Media Anthropology for the Digital Age (Cambridge: Polity Press, 2017).
  • Tom Boellstorff, Bonnie Nardi, Celia Pearce, and T. L. Naylor, eds. Ethnography and Virtual Worlds: A Handbook of Method (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2012).
  • Daniel Miller and Don Slater. The Internet: An Ethnographic Approach (Oxford & New York: Berg, 2000).

Flexing and Adapting during COVID and beyond: Managing our Priorities in a Changing Environment

Life as we know it has quickly turned upside down amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The implications and effects of social distancing means that for most of us we need to rethink the way we work and behave. But before we can effectively do that, many of us will first need to realign and refocus our goals and priorities for 2020.

Dr Shari Walsh, founder and director of Growth Psychology, ran a 90-min webinar that focused on how we can identify and manage our responsibilities and priorities in this changing environment and what strategies we can engage to flex and adapt to these changes. The slides for her presentation are available for those who missed out on the presentation.

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