ECR Representatives

ECR Representatives

ECR Representatives

Faculty of Arts

Faculty Representatives

Dr Katrina Hutchinson and Dr Tom Baudinette

Senior Advisor: A/Prof Clare Monagle

Department Representatives

Department of Ancient History, Dr Anna-Latifa Mourad

Department of Anthropology, Dr Catherine Smith

School of Education, Dr Sarah Powell

Department of English, Dr Alys Moody and Dr Michelle Hamadache

Department of Geography and Planning, Dr Andrew Burridge

Department of International Studies: Languages and Cultures, Dr Tom Baudinette

Department of Law, Ms Francesca Dominello

Department of Modern History, Politics and International Relations, Dr Jumana Bayeh

Department of Philosophy, Dr Katrina Hutchinson

Department of Security Studies and Criminology, Dr Brian Cuddy

Department of Sociology, Dr Jyhene Kebsi

Department of Indigenous Studies, Dr Tristan Kennedy

Department of Media, Music, Communication, and Cultural Studies, Dr Helen Wolfenden

Faculty of Business and Economics and MGSM

Faculty Representatives

Dr Laramie Tolentino

Senior Advisor: A/Prof. Jordi McKenzie

Department Representatives

Department of Actuarial Studies and Business Analytics, Dr Yanlin Shi

Department of Economics, A/Prof. Jordi McKenzie

Department of Management, Dr Laramie Tolentino

Department of Marketing, Dr Jun Yao

Department of Applied Finance, Dr Grace Lepone

Macquarie University Centre for Health Economics (MUCHE), Dr Bonny Parkinson

Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance, Dr Nuraddeen Nuhu

GenIMPACT, Dr Evelyn Lee

Faculty of Medicine, Health and Human Sciences

Faculty Representatives

Dr Marina Junqueira Santiago and Dr Elizabeth Austin

Research Management Advisor: Dr Kyle Ratinac

Department Representatives

Australian Institute of Health Innovation, Dr Rae-Anne Hardie

Department of Biomedical Sciences, Dr Benjamin Heng

Department of Clinical Medicine, Dr Nitin Chitranshi

Department of Cognitive Science, tbc

Department of Health Professions, Dr Joel Fuller

Department of Health Systems and Populations, Dr Rimante Ronto

Department of Linguistics, Dr Jean Cho

Department of Psychology, Dr Ann Carrigan

Faculty of Science and Engineering

Faculty Representatives

Dr Michael Swain and Dr Amy Cain

Department Representatives

Department of Applied Biosciences, to be filled

Department of Biology, Dr Stephan Leu

Department of Chiropractic, Dr Matthew Fernandez

Department of Computing, Dr Xi Zheng

Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Dr John Creech

School of Engineering, Dr Shuying Wu

Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Dr Christopher Lustri

Department of Molecular Sciences, to be filled

Department of Physics and Astronomy, to be filled

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