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ECR Careers

Flyer advertising the 2020 ECR Careers Events

This year, the ECR Network team have put together a suite of career-related events which will occur over two separate weeks: one in October (details below) and one in November (details to come). All events will be held online however for some workshops there will be limited capacity. Where possible, events will be recorded and made available through the ECR Website.

AltAc: Academics out of Academia

Date: Monday 19th October, 10:30am – 12pm


What do you do with a PhD besides academia? Lots apparently. So much so, that it now has its own acronym: “AltAc” for “Alternative Academic”. But what are those AltAc careers? And how does one transition into one?

TPerson walking up stairso glean some insight into these questions, we thought it best to learn from the “professionals” and have put together this panel of… AltAcs… AltAc-ers ... academics who have taken themselves out of academia:

  • Annemarie Nadort – Scientific Officer, NSW Police Force
  • Dr Juliet Lum – Head, HDR Learning Skills MQ
  • Dr Sophie Mazard – Manager - Scientific Programs and Communications, Bioplatforms Australia Ltd
  • Dr. Neil Lavitt – Principal, Cronulla South Public School

The panel will showcase their diverse AltAc career pathways by discussing what they do, how they use their PhD/research skills, and what was involved in transitioning away from traditional academia.

Career (re)Planning: Starting with YOU

Date: Tuesday 20th October 11:30am – 2pm

Registration: placed in grass reflecting clouds in the sky

When thinking about your ideal job, whether it be in academia or outside, there are a few personal attributes – skills, values, and needs – that will determine the “idealness” of that job for you.

In this workshop, ECR Network Team members Dr Megan Brewer and Emily Brennan will work through identifying your personal attributes and discuss how this knowledge provides a launching point to finding your ideal career.

Looking beyond the company website: Developing your business research skills

Date: Thursday 22nd October 10:30am - 12:30pm


Fairy lights coming down from a buildingBusiness research skills can be very beneficial. As a job seeker in a competitive job market, reliable information about a company, it’s executives and the industry it operates in will help give you a competitive edge. As a researcher at Macquarie University you have access to commercial databases for company and industry research.

As part of the inaugural ECR Careers Week 2020 Lisa Fittock from MQ Library will show you through the databases available to you to enhance your understanding of organisations relevant to your areas of research. Through the use of these tools you can start to create a list of potential employers (or research partners) in order to tap into the hidden job (research opportunity) market, develop an understanding of company strategies, culture and values to refine your list down to companies you would want to work for, and gain insights into the company and its leadership team (essential for interview preparation).

Networking 101: Preparation and Practice

Date: Friday 23rd October 1 - 2:30pm


Networking. Whether you view it as an enjoyable activity or a necessary evil it is an essential skill for all researchers. Knowing when and how to discuss your research with potential collaborators or potential employers can greatly advance your career.

coffee mug and name tag on a tableTo help you develop these skills, the ECR Network Team have teamed up with Corporate Engagement to run an interactive online networking workshop. This workshop will cover tips and tricks for networking including

  • the do’s and don’ts of networking;
  • the importance of listening;
  • and how to follow through on a new connection

Participants will also have the opportunity to prepare and practice their research pitch to different networking audiences.

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