Research Systems and Data

Research Systems and Data

Research Systems and Data

The Post-Award and Reporting Team aims to assist Macquarie University researchers to achieve their research goals. The team is responsible for post-award management of research projects and management of research-related systems, reporting and data integrity.


Macquarie University has recently introduced Research Hub. Research Hub is a suite of research management systems that supports the end-to-end research management life cycle at Macquarie. A short description and an access link is given below. For additional information or to access the required research system please visit here.


Pure RMS is used to manage researcher profiles, outputs including publications and patents, funding applications and awards, projects and reports.

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Research projects can require researchers to obtain ethics or bio-safety approval before commencing their research activity. Applications for Bio-Safety, Animal Ethics, or Human Ethics approval, together with the supporting documentation, must be submitted through Infonetica for review and approval by the respective Macquarie University committee. Researchers should also use Infonetica to correspond with relevant faculty for ethics guidance.

Click here to log in to Infonetica System to lodge an application.

Service Now

A Partner-Funded Research Project proposal starts with completion of a Project Brief form, accessible through the Research Services "Service Now" portal.  A Basic Project Brief notifies your HoD about the proposed research.  An Extended Project Brief , completed alongside drafting of your proposal, informs your RPM and ADR and automatically creates a Pure Application.  Please take the time to familiarise yourself with the new process to ensure you are prepared for your next partner-funded project submission.

For more information about research partnership process at Macquarie University please visit here.

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This is the new contracts management system is now online.

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Power BI

Macquarie University has implemented a new reporting platform for internal purposes using the Power BI reporting tool.

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If you require a new report, or an ad-hoc report, please log a ticket via OneHelp and direct it to Post-Award and Reporting Team in the Research Services.


Post-Award and Reporting team is responsible for national research assessments submissions and other external reporting such as biennial survey submission to Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

ERA and EI

ERA (Excellence in Research for Australia) is a research quality evaluation program for Australian universities, introduced by the Australian Government through the Australian Research Council. ERA submission occurs every three years, and Macquarie University has participated since the inception of ERA.

EI (Engagement and Impact Assessment), an initiative from Australian Government through Australian Research Council (ARC), aims to assess how well researchers are engaging with end-users of research. This initiative evaluates how universities are translating their research into economic, social, environmental, cultural, and other impacts. Macquarie University has participated since the inception in 2018. For more on the University’s performance please visit here. The E&I 2018 National Report can also be accessed on the ARC Portal.

For more information please visit here.


Macquarie University participates in a biennial survey of Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). The survey collects Research and Development expenditure and human resources data devoted to R&D by Higher Education Organisations in Australia. The Research Services has overall responsibility to collect, synthesise, and submit required information as per the ABS requirements. The survey information is used by the government for various purposes, including policy formulation, funds allocation, and determination of research priorities.

Contacts and Support

If you experience issues with any of the systems described above please request assistance using OneHelp and direct your request to Research Services. Our team will be in touch with you to resolve your issue.

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Data Collection

Research outputs - Relevant key documents

The Higher Education Research Data Collection (HERDC) has been removed from the Government specifications. However, the collection of all research outputs is still being collected for reporting purposes such as Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) reporting, as well as internal reporting, which includes faculty reports for research active status and researcher profiles.

The Research Services Post Award and Reporting Team, in collaboration with the Library, will continue to manage the collection of all Macquarie University research outputs. Research Management System (Pure RMS) facilitates the sourcing of research outputs from scholarly databases for researchers who have enabled automated searches in Pure. In addition, research outputs can be added manually, or from online sources, or imported from BibTex, RIS and CERIF files.

Researchers must ensure that all of their 2020 publications are in Pure RMS before 30 April 2021.

Research outputs verification process

After the records are added in Pure RMS, Library staff will verify the metadata and Research Services will verify and categorize the record. Researchers may be contacted for further information, if required. Researchers can help to make the verification process run smoothly by:

For further enquiries contact your department, faculty administrator.

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