Reporting and milestones

Reporting and milestones

During your project, it is crucial you meet all reporting deadlines and milestones.

All biosafety and animal ethics reports must also be filed.

Milestones with payment

Some organisation’s deliverables/milestones involve a payment. The CI must complete all deliverables/milestones on time and in accordance with the agreed terms and conditions. The completed deliverable/milestone, or evidence of completion, must be sent to, who will notify OFS and arrange invoicing.

ARC reporting

ARC centres report

ARC centres must produce and submit an annual report and a centre outputs and details of income and expenditure report (CODIE) by 31 March annually to ARC. The annual report must be published by the centre to provide information on operation and activities over the preceding calendar year as per ARC’s Annual Report Instructions.

CODIEs are for ARC use only. They are divided into seven parts, and must follow a strict template, with full instructions available from ARC. It’s a good idea to read the guide and sample sheets before completing the form yourself.

Five hard copies of the ARC Annual Report and one hard copy of the CODIE should be posted to:

Centres Coordinator
Australian Research Council
GPO Box 2702
Canberra ACT 2601

A soft copy or web link of the ARC Annual Report and a soft copy of the CODIE should be sent to

ARC final report

ARC requires a final report within twelve months of the final payment of funds by ARC for the project or within twelve months of the final fund carryover. Failure to complete and submit reports may affect future ARC funding applications.

The Chief Investigator must complete the final report in RMS

More information is available from ARC.

NHMRC reporting

NHMRC final report

NHMRC final reports are due within six months of completion of the funding period or award termination. The CI must complete the final report in RGMS. The Post-Award team will be automatically notified, and will review and submit the report to NHMRC.

The report will contain information on the project’s achievements and a summary of expected outcomes.

Macquarie reporting

With the exception of the Macquarie research centre report, all Macquarie reporting forms must be completed by the CI, then signed by the head of department, faculty research manager and any other relevant parties. The reports should then be emailed as PDF files to

CIs should refer to the funding rules for their specific project.

Reports are assessed by the Research Office and relevant Panel Chair. Failure to complete and submit reports may lead to ineligibility for future grants.

Macquarie final report

Macquarie’s final report is to collect information about the project’s outcomes and external funding.

Final Reports are usually due between one and six months after the project’s completion. The Post-Award Team should be advised if there will be a delay.

Macquarie new staff grant report

The Macquarie new staff grant scheme has three reporting stages: the mentor meeting / mid-term report form, the progress report form and the final report form

Macquarie progress report

The progress report form collects information about achievements against objectives and research output of the reporting period.

Macquarie research centre report

The director of each centre must provide an annual progress report each year through RMENet.

OSP final report

The OSP Fellowship Final Report is to be submitted to the Executive Dean/Dean. Semester 1 OSP reports are due by July 31st and Semester 2 OSP reports by January 31st.

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