Project management

Although every project is different, there are certain project management procedures you must follow as a researcher at Macquarie University. Once you have accepted your research project terms and conditions please adhere to the following:

If there are any changes to your research project, please seek an approval for the variation to your project arrangements.

It is encouraged to keep in touch with your faculty research office throughout the project. Also, ensure that you manage your research funding in consultation with your Department and Faculty Finance team.

  • Variations and transfers

    Variation requests should be considered carefully before submission, as the procedures differ depending on the funding organisation.

  • Systems and data management

    Managing your research data increases your credibility, makes it easier to apply for funding, and is important for government reporting.

  • Reporting and milestones

    During your project, it's crucial you meet all reporting deadlines and milestones.

  • Research compliance and legislation

    Knowledge of the legislation that impacts your research will ensure you conduct yourself in a lawful and ethical way.

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