As a supervisor, you will need to file a number of reports about your candidates and their progress throughout their careers, the most prominent being the Annual Progress Report (APR). This should not be confused with the Confirmation of Candidature.

Annual Progress Report

The APR is a formal tool for the University and Faculties to evaluate the research progress of their candidates. It is also a time for both you and your candidate to reflect on the progress made and what needs to be done over the next year. Completion of the report is mandatory.

When your candidate has completed their part of the report, you will be notified by email to log in and fill out your section. Log in to the Annual Progress Report System using your ONEID (‘MQ’ prefix must be uppercase).

You must submit a report for each candidate, filling in Part C. The APR is then finished by your Department’s Director HDR, then signed off by the Faculty Associate Dean HDR. You and your candidate will then be able to view the completed report.

Scholarship Referee Reports

You may be asked by candidates to fill out an Academic Referee Form. These reports are necessary for scholarship applications for Higher Degree Research at Macquarie. Ideally, referee reports are provided by senior academics who have provided some sort of supervision to the applicant.

Generally, an applicant requires two referee reports. However, if you are their current supervisor, your candidate will need a total of three reports.

It is your responsibility to fill out the scholarship referee report and submit it to the HDR Scholarships Team. Reports are valid for six months. Please ensure you send your report within one week of the scholarship closing date, either to or via fax to +61 2 9850 6198.

Faculty of Science and Engineering 

The Faculty of Science and Engineering requires you and your candidate to make additional progress reviews every six months. You should liaise with your Departmental Director, HDR for requirements and deadlines.

Faculty of Human Sciences

The Faculty of Human Sciences requires a Faculty Commencement Report (FCR) at the end of the first three months of candidature. The FCR is similar in nature to, and forms the basis of, the Confirmation of Candidature. You and your candidate will be contacted about due dates and requirements.

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