Managing graduate researchers

Managing graduate researchers is an important role. It combines your skills as a researcher and teacher as well as your deep understanding of how the practise of research connects to the world beyond the campus. 

As you help your graduate shape a career in research it’s important that you understand the University’s expectations as well as those of your candidate.

New supervisors

If you are new to supervising at Macquarie, you need to be registered on the Macquarie University Supervisor Register (MQRS). To do this, complete the Supervision Enhancement Program.

Who oversees higher degree research?

Higher degree research (HDR) admission is overseen by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research), who chairs the HDR committee (HDRC). The HDRC reports to the Academic Senate on matters of HDR policy, procedure and examinations.

Administrative matters are handled by the HDR Office (HDRO) and its director. HDRO consults with the Dean HDR.

HDRC’s programs and examination sub-committee handle examination matters.

Each faculty has its own associate Dean HDR, who advises the Executive Dean of the faculty on all HDR matters. The Associate Dean represents the faculty on the University HDRC.

Rules and policy

Rules relevant to HDR matters are in the Postgraduate Rules of the University. Policies are found at Policy Central.

  • Supervision Enhancement Program

    The Supervision Enhancement Program helps supervisors understand HDR supervision as an extension of teaching.

  • Supervising candidates

    Your role as a supervisor will vary depending on your candidate, their discipline and the relationship you forge.

  • Data management

    Although it is your candidate's responsibility to ensure they are adhering to all ethical and methodical requirements of data management, they may look to you for guidance.

  • Reporting

    As a supervisor, you will need to file a number of reports about your candidates and their progress throughout their careers.

  • Examinations

    Finding the right examiners for your candidate is a crucial part of being a supervisor.

  • Training support and tools

    While supervision draws upon your skills as both a researcher and a teacher, it also requires its own set of skills.

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