Radiation safety

Radiation safety

The University has documented procedures for ensuring the risk of radiation accidents are controlled. Individuals wishing to use either radioactive materials or apparatus that produce unshielded ionising radiation are required to notify the university. 

You must complete a radiation research approval form and make an appointment with the University Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) prior to commencing work. The appropriate individual licences to use must be obtained from the NSW EPA before you begin.

Radiation safety officer

The University Radiation Safety Officer is Dr David Lovejoy from the Department of Biomedical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine and Human Sciences.

David Lovejoy



In the absence of Dr Lovejoy please send enquiries to Professor Robert Willows from the Department of Chemistry and biomolecular Sciences, Faculty of Science and Engineering.

Robert Willows



Induction approval and personal monitoring

  1. Personnel using radiation are required to undertake a face-to-face induction with the University Radiation Safety Officer.
  2. A radiation research approval form is required to be completed and signed off by the Radiation Safety Officer.
  3. Individuals may be required to complete the relevant training required under the Radiation Control Act 1990   (1) and be licensed under the required section of the regulation.
  4. Those working with radioactive materials or apparatus that produce unshielded ionising radiation may be required to wear personal radiation badges for health monitoring.

Guidelines and resources

Radiation research approval form radiation safety manual (under review).

Legislation and Australian Standards for radiation safety

In NSW the NSW Environment Protection Authority enforces the Radiation Control Act 1990 and Radiation Control Regulation 2013.

National guidelines are available from the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA).

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