What are hazardous chemicals?

Many chemicals, from household items to specialised scientific substances, are used on the University campus. Some of these chemicals may present hazards to individuals, property and or the environment. These hazardous chemicals may have restrictions for procurement, use and disposal.

Handling of hazardous chemicals require inductions and training. Some departments of the University will require additional processes due to the high-risk nature of the activities being conducted within a particular area.

Chemical inventory management

The University is required by law to keep a detailed inventory of all chemicals on campus and to notify regulatory bodies of dangerous goods including hazardous chemicals.

ChemAlert safety management software

Macquarie University currently uses ChemAlert as their safety management system. All members of the University can access ChemAlert to obtain safety information on chemicals and print labels for containers according to the current legal specification (GHS). University members managing the chemical inventory of an area can request authenticated user access.

For further details contact the Health and Safety team.

SciQuest safety management software

The Faculty of Science and Engineering is currently migrating to the SciQuest safety management system, this will integrate the requirements for procurement and storage of chemicals, as well as managing the University chemical inventory of use and disposal.

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