Submit an application

Submit an application

A new online form has replaced all biosafety risk assessment and GMO application forms. The single online application form is accessed by using your OneID.

Access the Multiple GMO table to help with your application.

For assistance in completing this online form user guides have been created for Applicants and for Chief Investigator Approval and Sign-Off.

What work requires a biosafety application?

This online application form must be completed for all research and teaching projects involving the use of biological material. All biosafety approvals are for a period of five years and for GMO work, approvals are on the provision of annual reporting. 

The Macquarie University IBC reviews research and teaching proposals involving any of the below categories. Work involving these categories must not commence until IBC approval has been received.

  • Microorganisms classified as risk group 2 and above
  • GMOs
  • SSBAs
  • Agents requiring quarantine containment
  • Animals with the potential to carry zoonotic agents classified as risk group 2 and above
  • Human and animal clinical and diagnostic specimens

Work involving risk group 1 microorganisms (including animals with the potential to carry risk group 1 zoonoses), animal or human tissue samples, and invertebrates will still require completion of this online application form however they will be treated as a notification. Notifications will be kept on file and may be subject auditing.

Work involving the use of animals will also require animal ethics approval.

IBC review process

The IBC reviews applications between February 1 and November 30. Applications can be submitted online and are reviewed via an expedited review process. This means the committee does not need to be in session in order to consider applications.

Notification of the committee's feedback is sent to the Chief Investigator by email, and often researchers will be asked to provide clarifications or make changes to the application. Depending on the requested modifications, the responses received and the time taken to review responses, the review process from submission to final approval may take some time.

Applicants are encouraged to contact the secretary by email at or call 02 9850 4063 for information about the application process.

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