Institutional biosafety committee

Institutional biosafety committee

Role of the IBC

On behalf of Macquarie University, the IBC co-ordinates compliance with the relevant legislation and standards associated with working with infectious organisms, biohazardous materials and or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Work involving genetic manipulation or the use of GMOs is regulated by the Gene Technology Act 2000 and the Gene Technology Regulations 2001 through the national Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR). The Macquarie University IBC is accredited by the OGTR to provide on-site monitoring of all Dealings involving the use of GMOs, and to act on behalf of the OGTR and the University to ensure that the Act, Regulations and guidelines are followed.

The Macquarie University IBC is required to consult with the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources and the OGTR to ensure compliance of QC and PC premises, and is responsible for reviewing work involving Risk Group 2 organisms and above, any GMO Dealings plus work involving security sensitive biological agents (SSBAs) and materials requiring quarantine containment.

Application review

The IBC reviews applications between February 1 and November 30 and meets three times per year. Applications can be submitted for review any time during this period. Applications are reviewed via an online expedited review process, which means the Committee does not need to be in session in order to consider applications.

Meeting dates for 2020

Meeting NumberDeadline for agenda itemsMeeting date
1/202031st March

7th April

2/202030th June

7th July


29th September

6th October

All agenda items are submitted to the Biosafety Secretariat at

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