How to classify GMO

How to classify GMO

To gain approval to work with GMOs, researchers first need to establish the level of dealing.  Use the four steps below to determine the type of approval you will require for your GMO work.

Step 1

Does your work involve the use of gene technology or GMOs?

Techniques that are NOT gene technology and organisms that are NOT GMOs

NO – Work does not require approval under the Gene Technology Act 2000.

Visit submitting a new application

YES – Determine the Dealing level appropriate for your work. Go to Step 2.

Step 2

Does your project involve the intentional release of a GMO into the environment?

NO – Go to Step 3.

YES – GMO is classified as a DIR. An OGTR license will be required for this work.  Go to Step 4 to further identify your GMO.

How to obtain an OGTR licence

Step 3

Check if your host / vector system listed on the Exempt Host / Vector List?

Go to Step 4 to further identify your GMO.

Step 4

Choose the description that best fits your work from the following list and view the flow charts for appropriate GMO classification.

DNIR work will require an OGTR license.

How to obtain an OGTR licence

NLRD work will require only IBC approval and the OGTR will be notified of this work.

Exempt Dealings will require only IBC approval.


Flowcharts were originally researched and produced by Melbourne University IBC and Office for Research Ethics and Integrity. Macquarie University IBC supports the information outlined and is grateful for permission to use this material.

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