Biosafety, biosecurity and gene technology

Biosafety, biosecurity and gene technology

Institutional Biosafety Committee

The Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC), on behalf of Macquarie University, co-ordinates compliance with the relevant legislation and standards and provides advice on risks associated with infectious organisms, biohazardous materials, genetically modified organisms and materials requiring quarantine containment. The IBC reviews biosafety applications via an expedited online review process.

Please be advised that the IBC will be out of session from December 1st to January 31st.

Online Biosafety Management at Macquarie

At Macquarie University, Biosafety Applications are required for all research, teaching or services that involve the use of biological materials.

Work involving any of the below categories:

  • pathogenic or genetically modified organism (GMOs);
  • clinical or diagnostic samples;
  • handling of animals, their tissues or body products; or
  • SSBAs or materials requiring quarantine containment

must not commence until IBC approval has been received and you have completed your Macquarie University introductory biosafety course.

Low risk projects will require submission of an online application however these are treated as a notification. Low risk projects include work involving non-pathogenic microorganisms or other biological material or agent unlikely to cause human or animal disease or harm the environment.

Applications must be submitted via the Biosafety Management System.

All applications must be approved by the Chief Investigator prior to an IBC submission.

The use of humans, animals and their tissue, blood or body fluids in research and teaching may require additional approval from the appropriate Human or Animal Ethics Committees prior to commencement of work.

For more information and supporting resources relating to submitting applications and managing approved projects please refer to the Biosafety Management support page.

Or contact the Biosafety team

Macquarie University introductory biosafety course

The compulsory biosafety induction course is available online using iLearn. Please self enrol by clicking on the following link: Macquarie University Introductory Biosafety course 

Successful completion includes listening to the online recording and passing a multiple choice quiz. The pass mark for the quiz is set to 100%. After completing the quiz please advise to receive your Completion Certificate.

Biosafety and biosecurity manual

The Biosafety and Biosecurity Manual provides information on relevant legislative requirements and safe work practices when working with or being exposed to biological materials.

The manual covers basic biological safety requirements and it is expected that individual Faculties and Departments will develop and implement local safety instructions that are designed to meet their specific requirements but remain compatible with these guidelines.

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