System Support for Supervisors

System Support for Supervisors

System Support

The University provides staff access to a number of systems that manage core services and functions as well as specialist systems for faculties and departments. Access to systems is by login using your OneID: your MQ number and password unless stated otherwise. For a full list of systems, please see Access to Systems.

If you require technical support for the systems below, please log a OneHelp ticket.


MyAcademic is a read-only application that allows you to search and view data from the current student management system (AMIS). The MyAcademic user guides provides you with detailed instructions for using MyAcademic.

Annual Progress Report

The Annual Progress Report is an important and formal tool for the University and its Faculties to monitor and evaluate each research candidate's progress. Participation in the APR process and completion of the Report is a mandatory requirement of higher degree research candidature that must be completed each year. MRes candidates are not required to complete a report.

The Annual Progress Report (APR) Quick Reference Guide provides advice for completing the APR.

Changes to Candidature (eForms)

Changes to Candidature are managed via eForms. To access eForms, you will need access to AMIS. If you do not have access to AMIS, please review the How to apply for AMIS access via OneHelp guide for instructions for requesting access.

Once you have access to AMIS, you can review and approve eForms. The following guides have been prepared to help supervisors navigate eForms.

Change in SupervisorVideoManual
Change of Thesis TitleVideoManual
Extension of Expected Work Submission (EWS) Date            VideoManual
Examination Portal

The Nomination of Examiners and thesis examination processes are managed via the HDR Thesis Examination Portal. The following guides have been prepared to assist supervisors with completing their processes in the portal.

Nominating Examiners                                                             Instructions (PhD/MPhil)
Instructions (MRes)
Submitting your Supervisor's Report  (PhD/MPhil only)                                Instructions
HDR Funding and/or Scholarship Variation Request

The HDR Funding and/or Scholarship Variation Request form is to be used to request a variation to an existing scholarship request or the creation of a new funding request for scholarships funded by the Macquarie University Research Excellence Scholarship (MQRES) Scheme.

The Funding Request form - Instructions for CIs/Academics provides guidance for completing the HDR Funding and/or Scholarship Variation Request form.


Your candidate must submit their proposal for their Confirmation of Candidature (CoC) or equivalent, and their research thesis to you for submission to iThenticate. This tool will generate an originality report and will determine a similarity percentage based on the proportion of the thesis that is matched to internal or external sources. You are required to assess the similarity percentage and originality report using your academic judgement.

Instructions for using iThenticate are available in this quick reference guide. Information about how to interpret your candidate's originality report can be found in the HDR iThenticate Procedure.

Pure Research Management System (RMS)

Pure Research Management System (Pure RMS) is the system that researchers use to apply for funding; manage awards and contracts; record research outputs, prizes and other activities; and create CVs, so that they can be showcased on the public Macquarie University Research Portal.

Instructions for creating, updating and publishing your profile on Macquarie University's Research Portal can be found in the New Starter Guide to Pure RMS. Instructions for HDR Candidates are available in this quick reference guide.

To create, add and link your ORCID in Pure RMS, see this quick reference guide.

Remote access to systems

If you would like to access MyAcademic or eForms remotely, you will need to set up a Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) application. For information about setting up a MFA application, please review these instructions and FAQs.

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