I am New to Macquarie HDR Supervision

I am New to Macquarie HDR Supervision

I am new to MQ HDR Supervision

Over the last few days I've had a number of emails from colleagues who are new to MQ HDR Supervision.  Your mandatory orientation to HDR Supervision will be online and you will be asked to complete a number of tasks (estimate time - approx 6.5 hours) using the iLearn platform (requires self-enrolment). Before you start your orientation you will need to register for the course 'HDR30' via HROnline.

After you have completed the tasks please email: hdr.supervision@mq.edu.au

We will then validate your tasks and record the outcome with a 'Y' which you can check via HROnline. Once completed your orientation is remains valid for three years.

You can produce a printout or screenshot if requested by your faculty or department.

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