I am an established MQ HDR Supervisor

I am an established MQ HDR Supervisor

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January 26, 2018

Over the last few days I've had a number of emails from colleagues who are established MQ HDR Supervisors.  Questions have concerned the ‘Retrospective Awarding of 'HDR Supervision Orientation 2018'  and the course 'HDR30'.

The following MQ staff have automatically been awarded HDR Supervision Orientation (2018-2020):

  • All registrants on the MQSR
  • All staff who have completed HDR01, HDR02, HDR20 or HDR99

You can find your HDR30 record (marked with 'Y') via HROnline (see above).

Once completed 'HDR Supervision Orientation 2018' will be valid for 4 years. A supervisor must then update by completing HDR20: Statement of Supervision Practice. This can be completed online (2 - 3 hours) via iLearn.

To help colleagues in the future I've collated a number of questions and links providing information/guidance/how to/policy on supervision. Just click on the questions below:

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