HDR Supervision Mandatory Orientation Program

HDR Supervision Mandatory Orientation Program

Page last updated April 2019

Orientation to HDR Supervision Program

All new HDR supervisors must complete a mandatory HDR Supervision Orientation (Course code HDR30). The 2019 HDR Supervision Orientation Program (HDR30) is offered via an iLearn site - HDR30. It is open all year and can be completed anywhere, anytime. There is no time limit in terms of how long it takes you to complete, although if you self-enrol in 2019, you need to finish in 2019.

You CANNOT be appointed as an HDR Supervisor if you do not have HDR30 on your HR Online Training Record. It is important that HDR30 appear in your HR Online Training Record, because this allows it to also appear on your PURE Research Profile.

Please note that there are two steps required for enrolment and completion of HDR30.

1. Self-enrol in the iLearn site for HDR30

2. Register for the current offering of HDR30 via HROnline.

New to iLearn?

This link will take you to your login page. It looks like the first image below.

At the login page use your MQ OneID and password.

If you are an Adjunct Supervisor and require a MQ OneID, please contact your Faculty HDR Manager

The HDR Supervision Orientation iLearn site should now appear in your iLearn account.

When you arrive at your 'My Home' page, choose the HDR Supervision Orientation link. The page looks like the image below.

Claim for Current Competence

HDR30 (the HDR Supervision Orientation Program) must appear in your HR Online record in order for you to be able to be approved to supervise an HDR candidate.

HDR30 can be completed in two ways:

  • ​By completing Tasks in the iLearn site. This option is suitable for novice- early- and mid- career HDR supervisors
  • By submitting a Claim for Current Competence via the iLearn site. This option is suitable for highly experienced HDR Supervisors.

Find your HDR30 Record in HR Online

For further information about HDR Supervision training and to find your record watch this video.

1. Log into HR Online

2. Click on 'My HR' for the drop-down menu. Select 'Training and Development'

3. Two options appear. Select 'Training History'

4. A search box will appear. Leave the fields blank. Hit 'find' and all your training history will appear.

5. HDR30 will look like this if it is on your training history (start date will vary)

6. Print or take a screenshot of your training history. You can now provide this as evidence that you are current with mandatory training for appointment as an HDR Supervisor. See the appointment process below.

Workflow for the appointment of HDR Supervisors

Retrospective Awarding of 'HDR Supervision Orientation 2018'

The following MQ staff will be automatically awarded HDR30  - HDR Supervision Orientation (2018-2020).

  • ​All registrants on the MQSR.
  • All staff who have completed HDR01 and HDR02

​'HDR Supervision Orientation 2018' will last 4 years. A supervisor must then update by completing HDR20: Statement of Supervision Practice or equivalent activities.


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