Mandatory orientation for adjunct HDR supervisors

Mandatory orientation for adjunct HDR supervisors

The HDR Supervision Policy mandates the minimum standards of appointment for the following appointment categories: Higher Degree Research Cultural Advisor, Adjunct Higher Degree Research Supervisor, Higher Degree Research Advisor, Higher Degree Research Supervisor (End-User Partnership).

The HDR Supervision Policy mandates that all adjunct appointments must complete mandatory orientation. Mandatory Orientation for Adjuncts includes two components:

1. Your letter of offer from faculty

Your Letter of Offer from Faculty will include information about the following:

2. Mandatory training: consent matters

You are required to complete the mandatory online training module Consent Matters. All MQ students, HDR candidates and HDR Supervisors at MQ are required to complete this training. You must complete Consent Matters within 12 weeks of appointment. When you complete the course, which takes about an hour, you will receive a Certificate of Completion. This must be provided to your Faculty to be added to your HR file. It is your responsibility to make sure it is placed on your file.

In order to do Consent Matters, you will need to be provided with guest access by your Faculty contact. Information about your guest access will be provided by Faculty, in your Letter of Offer.

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