Supervision Enhancement Program

Supervision Enhancement Program

The HDR Supervision Enhancement Program is designed to help HDR Supervisors (MQ employees and adjunct appointments) orient to HDR supervision at Macquarie University. The program draws on best practice in learning, teaching, supervising and researching to help you become a better supervisor and researcher. It is also reflective of the requirements set out in the Higher Education Standards Framework (Threshold Standards) 2015 (Section 4) and the TEQSA Guidance Note ‘Research and Research Training’.

The HDR Supervision Enhancement Program for MQ employees:

  1. HDR30 – the HDR Supervision Orientation Program: Mandatory. Must be completed prior to appointment as an HDR Supervisor. Details are available via iLearn.
  2. an HDR Supervision Fellowship Program: Voluntary rewards-based and evidence-based professional learning
  3. Mandatory Update Training; Mandatory. Must be completed every four years.

The HDR Supervision Enhancement Program for Adjunct HDR Supervisors:

MQ also requires mandatory Orientation for Adjunct Appointments. This includes the following appointment categories: Higher Degree Research Cultural Advisor, Adjunct Higher Degree Research Supervisor, Higher Degree Research Advisor, Higher Degree Research Supervisor (End-User Partnership).

Orientation for Adjunct HDR Supervisors is compulsory. As a condition of appointment all Adjuncts must complete Orientation to HDR Supervision for Adjunct Supervisors within 12 weeks of appointment.

The HDR Supervision Enhancement Program

HDR Supervision
Orientation Program


HDR Supervision 
Fellowship Program

(Voluntary. Will not be offered in S1, 2020)

Professional Learning Program

This link will take you to a self-enrolling Open Learning iLearn site and a suite of (voluntary) professional learning opportunities.

Mandatory Update Training for MQ HDR Supervisors

All HDR Supervisors must update their mandatory training every four years. For example, if your last HDR Supervision training was in 2016, then you must complete training in 2020 before the end of the year. Find out more by visiting the HDR Supervisors Open Learning iLearn site.

Mandatory Orientation for Adjunct HDR Supervisors

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