Commencement programs

Commencement programs

Your candidate will be expected to complete both a University-wide and a Faculty-specific Commencement Program during the first year of candidature. Your involvement with these will vary depending on your Faculty.

Central Commencement Programs

CCPs run in Semesters 1 and 2. Candidates can also access the CCP online by logging in with iLearn and entering the enrolment key hdrccp.  

The MRes CCP is run once and year and cannot be completed online. The next MRes CCP will be held in February 2017. For more info, view the MRES CCP program, or download the 2016  MRES CCP presentation.

Faculty Commencement Program

Faculty Programs run separately from the CCP and vary by Faculty. It is important to note that Commencement is generally an ongoing procedure, culminating at either the three or six month mark with the Confirmation of Candidature.

Faculty of Arts

For BPhil/MRes Students, the Faculty of Arts hosts a ‘Welcome’ to introduce candidates to academic and administrative services. The next Faculty of Arts ‘Welcome’ is scheduled for February 2017.

Faculty of Business and Economics

You are encouraged to come along to the Faculty of Business and Economics Commencement Day. Commencement Day is  run to benefit candidates and supervisors, who can both engage in a number of workshops and training sessions.

During commencement, it is also important to discuss with your candidate what training they should undertake, such as academic writing courses. You and your candidate may decide they should audit a unit. If this is the case, you must approach the course convenor and ask if the candidate can sit in.

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