Candidate confirmations

Candidate confirmations

HDR candidates and their supervisors must complete a confirmation of candidature (CoC). This process is to ensure that your candidate is progressing well, and is ready to continue. Exact times, milestones and requirements will vary by Faculty, but you can be expected to be involved in the preparation of your candidate's documents, presentation or meetings.

Confirmations vary between faculties, but often involve the candidate presenting a report containing research plan, budget, Ethics Approval, required training details and a substantial research component. For further information, see Candidature Confirmation.

As part of the CoC process, you are required to upload your candidate's research proposal to iThenticate. This tool will generate an originality report and will determine a similarity percentage based on the proportion of the proposal that is matched to internal or external sources. The procedure for the management of the similarity report is available in the HDR iThenticate Procedure.

If your candidate's progress is deemed unsatisfactory, their candidature may be terminated, as per the HDR and MRes Termination of Candidature Procedure Policy.

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