New process for partner-funded research projects

New process for partner-funded research projects

Moving from APLI to Pure

From 12 July 2018, all partner-funded research projects will be submitted through Pure, no longer going through the APLI (IRIS) system.  While the Pure interface is the same as what you are using for grant submissions, the submission process for partner-funded research projects is different.

How to Apply

A Partner-Funded Research Project proposal starts with completion of a Project Brief form, accessible through Research Services Service Now portal. A Basic Project Brief notifies your HoD. An Extended Project Brief, completed alongside drafting of your proposal, informs your RPM and ADR and automatically creates a Pure Application. Please take the time to familiarise yourself with the new process to ensure you are prepared for your next partner-funded project submission.


Process for submitting partner-funded research projects into Pure - infographic

Download and view an infographic explaining the process for submitting partner-funded research projects into Pure.

The New Process

A new process for handling partner-funded project negotiations and project submissions has been developed out of a Rapid Improvement Exercise (RIE) to ensure:

  • Visibility of potential partner-funded projects developing through the pipeline for Faculties, through Heads of Department and Associate Deans (Research), as well as Research Services;
  • Department and Faculty input into and assistance with the development of the partnership, if required;
  • The most appropriate level of support for the partnership and project proposal provided by the Research Partnerships Manager (RPM), taking into account the complexity of the matter as well as the workload of the RPM and other support staff.

The Process

Basic Project Brief

  • Researcher completes the Basic Project Brief and submits it to their Head of Department (HoD) for endorsement.
  • The HoD Endorses the Basic Project Brief to allow the researcher to proceed with project discussions with their partner.
  • Researcher contacts their Reserach Partnerships Manager (RPM), if they haven't already.

Extended Project Brief

  • Researcher continues project discussion with their partner around key terms (i.e., intellectual property, budget, milestones and deliverables).
  • All content from the Basic Project Brief populates the Extended Project Brief.
  • Researcher completes the Extended Project Brief, in consultation with their RPM, who submits the Brief to their Associate Dean Research (ADR) for endorsement, with a recommended Level of Support/Facilitation.
  • ADR Endorses the Extended Project Brief to allow the researcher to continue with the project proposal.  They may request further information before endorsing.
  • A Pure record is automatically created for the researcher on the basis of the information in their Extended Project Brief.


  • All content from the Extended Project Brief will populate a new Pure application form for the project (i.e., the researcher will not need to initiate a new Pure record).
  • The standard approvals process remains, with the HoD and ADR formally approving the project proposal through the Pure application, pushing it to the Contracts phase.

The Project Brief – Getting Started

In order to initiate a Pure application record for your partner-funded research project, you must first complete a Basic Project Brief:

The Basic Project Brief is a short form which captures key information about your partnership.

Once your Head of Department has Endorsed your Basic Project Brief, you will receive an email notification with next steps.

START PROJECT BRIEF FORM (Accessible through Research Services Service Now)

Research Partnerships

For more information about support and resources available to researchers undertaking partner-funded research project, please visit the research partnerships webpage.

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