MRFF Strategies and Priorities

MRFF Strategies and Priorities

The second five-year Australian Medical Research and Innovation Strategy 2021-2026 (the Strategy) prepared by the Australian Medical Research Advisory Board (Advisory Board) sets out the vision, aims and objectives for the MRFF. It identifies a series of strategic platforms that, if funded, have potential for greatest impact. These platforms will serve as a framework for the two-yearly identification of the Australian Medical Research and Innovation Priorities (the Priorities).

Australian Medical Research and Innovation Strategy 2021-2026

DRAFT Australian Medical Research and Innovation Priorities

The six platforms are:

  1. Strategic and international horizons – leading and collaborating with global health and medical research
  2. Data and infrastructure – integrating our health data framework to support healthcare delivery, service improvement and best practice
  3. Health services and systems – to discover affordable models of healthcare. To develop innovative and evidence-based approaches to treatment, prevention, diagnosis, and the management of disease
  4. Capacity and collaboration – encourage collaboration between academia, health providers and industry focusing on solutions to research
  5. Trials and translation – transforming non-commercial clinical trials of major importance into tangible results that lead to positive clinical practice and behaviour changes
  6. Commercialisation – to enable discoveries to become everyday realities, where the general public benefits from research innovations
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