Notification of Outcome

When an external grant application is successful the funding body may notify the Research Office or the lead Chief Investigator (CI). If the lead CI is notified directly by the funding body it is important that all correspondence relating to the funding outcome is forwarded to  Post-Award ( to begin processing the grant.

The outcome for internal grant schemes will be emailed to the lead CI by the Research Office.

Acceptance of Offer

To accept your offer, you must complete the Application and Project Lifestyle Information (APLI) process.

Project Account

For most internal grants, on completion of the APLI acceptance process, Post-Award will arrange for the Office of Financial Services (OFS) to establish a project account. The OFS or Faculty Finance Manager will advise the lead CI of the account details.

For externally-funded projects and internal schemes that involve external funding, project accounts cannot be established until Macquarie University has entered into an agreement with the external party or parties. Post-Award will refer the matter to the Contracts Team in the Research Office. Once the fully executed agreement is in place Post-Award will notify Office of Financial Services. OFS will establish a project account and notify the lead CI of the details.


For schemes involving a fellowship, Post-Award will notify Human Resources to commence the fellow recruitment process.


For schemes involving a scholarship, the lead CI should notify the Higher Degree Research Office to commence the student recruitment process.

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