Contracts and agreements

Contracts and agreements

Any research-related contracts and agreements with external organisations must be submitted to the Research Policy and Contracts Team (RPCT) to ensure they are acceptable to both you and the University. Where appropriate, contract negotiation and/or drafting may be referred to the Office of General Counsel by RPCT.

The Research Policy & Contracts Team in conjunction with the Office of General Counsel (Legal) reviews, drafts, negotiates and arranges execution of all research-related contracts and agreements with external organisations.  This includes funding contracts, contracts relating to non-funded research activities such as non-disclosure/ confidentiality agreements, data sharing and material transfer arrangements and contracts for the renewal or variation of a grant or research contract.

Part of our role is to ensure contracts comply with the University's Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research and other University policies.

NB:  Only the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) or his delegate is authorised to sign research contracts or agreements on behalf of Macquarie University.

Contact us

Ann-Marie Heinrich (Manager, Research Policy & Contracts)

TBA (Consultant, Research Projects & Contract)

Tina Harrison-Greaves (Contracts Officer)  

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A Research Contract

  • Describes the expectation and requirements of each party
  • Ensures those involved know what is expected from them
  • Is a written ‘expression’ of what’s been discussed and agreed
  • Protects interests of researchers
  • Protects the University’s interest
  • Protects collaborator/funder requirements

Template Agreements

We have a set of template agreements that contain the University's preferred terms for specific types of research collaborations.

Usually these agreements can be signed very quickly

  • if we don't need to amend many of the terms to fit the specific research project
  • the collaborator or funder accepts the relevant standard agreement without many changes

Non-Disclosure Agreement
For use when sharing confidential information with an external party before entering  into a formal relationship, for example when developing a joint submission for a grant application or project proposal.

Research Collaboration Agreement
This agreement sets out the responsibilities, roles and rights of collaborating parties working in conjunction with Macquarie on a specific research project or set of projects.

Research Collaboration Agreement - multi-party
This agreement sets out the responsibilities, roles and rights of collaborating parties working in conjunction with Macquarie on a specific research project or set of projects.

ARC LP 2019 Agreement
This template is used for ARC Linkage Projects led by Macquarie.

EPS Agreement 2018
This template is used for projects awarded under the Macquarie University Enterprise Partnerships Scheme.

Contract Research Agreement
This type of agreement is used to facilitate the commissioning of specific research by an external organisation for the benefit of that third party.

Research Collaboration (DVCR Co-Funded Fellowship) Agreement

How can you assist us with the contracting process

  • Provide us with all of the information relevant to the matter
  • Check that the project team can comply with all aspects of the contract e.g.
    • Reporting
    • Publications
    • Scope of Work
    • Milestones
    • Deliverables
    • Budget
  • Raise any areas of concern

How we will progress your Matter

  • Your matter will be assessed as to whether it will be managed by the RO Contracts Team ('Contracts') or by a specialist lawyer from the Office of General Counsel ('OGC')
  • Contracts will notify you of who is dealing with your matter within three (3) business days of it being received by Contracts via the Application and Project Lifecycle ('APLI') system (for funded matters) or directly (for non-funded matters e.g. Material Transfer Agreements/Confidentiality Agreements)
  • Contracts or OGC (as applicable) ('We') will review the draft agreement or, if requested to draft an agreement, draft an agreement based on the information you have provided
  • We will notify you of any issues that may concern the project, the project team or the University from a risk management, legal or policy perspective
  • If required, we will confirm details and request any further information from you
  • We will negotiate any unsuitable terms in the agreement with the other party/parties and contact you for further information, where appropriate, keeping you informed of progress with the negotiation
  • We will arrange execution (signing) of the agreement on behalf of Macquarie, in accordance with the University's Delegation of Authority
  • We will exchange signatures with the other party/parties and provide you with a fully executed copy of the Agreement, for your records
  • Contracts /OGC will inform the RO Post Award Team to issue instructions to the Office of Financial Services to open a project account and issue invoice(s)

A Timeframe for Signing a Contract

The University does not have control over the length of time it takes to negotiate with a funding organisation or third party.

The following categories of contract can take longer to process:

  • Multi-party contracts (because they need to be reviewed, negotiated and signed by all the parties)
  • Contracts with the Government (because the contractor may need to refer to a Legal Department outside of their immediate area, or the contract may need to be approved or signed by a Minister)
  • Contracts with Industry Partners involving outcomes with commercial potential and commercial terms that have not been agreed prior to the contract negotiation

Process for Funded Research Agreements

Process for Non-funded Research Agreements

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