Contracts and agreements

Contracts and agreements

Macquarie has two processes in place for research agreements: one for funded agreements and one for unfunded agreements. 

Once your contract is finalised, it is time to begin managing your project.

Funded agreements

Any research-related agreements you are considering must be submitted to the Research Policy & Contracts team (RPCT). The Post-Award team will receive notification that grants have been awarded or a contract proposal has been accepted, and will then notify RPCT.

In conjunction with the Chief Investigator (CI), the RPCT will complete and submit online details of the application and project lifecycle (or APLI).

The RPCT will then decide whether the agreement must remain with them, or be passed on to the Research Office legal team (RO legal), who will act as legal support for the contract. Once all parties have signed, a copy of the fully executed agreement is sent by either RCPT or RO Legal to the CI.

Finally, the executed agreement is sent to the Post-Award team for invoicing and reporting purposes. The Post-Award team arranges for OFS to invoice the funding body/sponsor.

Unfunded agreements

Unfunded agreements are streamlined. The CI contacts the RPCT and requests a review or agreement, providing appropriate documentation. The RPCT and CI will draft the agreement, or send it to the Research Office legal team when applicable. Once all parties have signed the finalised agreement, a copy is sent to the CI. The Post-Award team then actions any reporting requirements where applicable.

Standard agreements drafts

The Research Office legal team is currently drafting six Macquarie University standard agreements (MUSA), which you can send to external parties with the provision that no changes are made, other than those pertaining to the parties involved and the start/end dates of the individual agreement.

Templates can be requested via

All standard agreements need to be signed off by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) or the Director, Research Office.

Macquarie University standard agreements:

  • Confidentiality agreement (mutual)
  • Material transfer agreement (providing) (under development)
  • Collaborative research agreement (under development)
  • Visitors agreement
  • Contract research agreement (under development)
  • Macquarie Enterprise Partner agreement (under development)

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