Contract and Agreements

Any research-related contracts and agreements with external organisations must be approved by the Research Policy and Contracts Team (RPCT) to ensure they are acceptable to both you and the University. Where appropriate, these contracts are reviewed and drafted by the Research Office Legal Team within the General Counsel.

Contracts may relate to funding, non-disclosure or confidentiality agreements, data sharing and material transfer arrangements.

Only the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) or his delegate is authorised to sign research contracts or agreements on behalf of Macquarie University.

If you require guidance regarding contracts, contact or your faculty research office.

  • Contracts and agreements

    Macquarie has two processes in place for research agreements: one for funded agreements and one for unfunded agreements.

  • Defence Trade Controls Act

    The Defence Trade Controls Act 2012 (DTCA) regulates the intangible supply, publication and brokering of goods and technology.

  • IP and copyright

    Learn how to protect your intellectual property (IP) and manage your copyright.

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