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The University’s most common vehicle for commercialisation will almost always be through licensing, however at some point the decision must be made whether to license the technology to a new company or for Macquarie University to take equity in a new company.

If you are considering starting a new company and it involves students and/or staff from Macquarie University, the Office of Commercialisation and Innovation can assist. A licence with terms such as rent if the company office/facilities are located at Macquarie can be negotiated.

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Business and tax advice

  • Provides free information on the operation and registration of businesses.

  • Provides free templates, assistance (including finding grants) and other advisory services for your business activities.

  • Provides business planning advice as well as mentoring and networking support. First consultation free.

  • Provides free assistance with all tax issues related to the business.

  • Provides guidance and advice on how to successfully start a company.

Trade mark and patent attorneys

  • Provides free initial consultation on supporting your business through IP. Free access to a register of many Australian attorneys.

  • Database of registered IP. Provides guidance and information on the commercialisation of IP.

Legal services

  • Provides specialised legal advice for start-ups as well as some free useful documents.

  • Provides tailored, high quality legal documents and guidance to assist start-ups free of charge and on a fully open access basis.

Incubators and accelerators

  • Australia’s incubator for deep tech businesses.

  • A home for tech startups. The largest non-profit coworking space in the country.

  • Australia’s national science and technology accelerator.

  • A co-working and event space available to students, staff members, researchers and the local community. They regularly host entrepreneur training courses and workshops and provide a supportive network for people or teams looking to turn their ideas into a viable venture.

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