Commercialisation and Innovation

The Office of Commercialisation and Innovation (OCI) identify, evaluate and commercialise Macquarie University's intellectual property (IP).

OCI provide IP and commercialisation advice and support for students and staff.

Macquarie has an excellent track-record for turning innovative research into tangible solutions that can benefit the community and have a real impact on people’s lives. We can help you take your idea to the next level and make sure that your IP is protected and that you receive the appropriate recognition for your research.

Focusing your research

This Research Impact Canvas will help you crystallise and articulate your research.

Impact Canvas

Take your idea to the next level

If you're working on an innovative idea, technology or method, we can help you turn it into something with tangible value and real community impact.

Whatever stage you're at, we can provide you with personalised advice and support, and connect you with potential industry partners. Talk to us early and we can establish a sound IP and commercialisation strategy ensuring intellectual property is protected through the process.

It's easier than you think

Disclosure form Complete our two-page innovation disclosure form
Coffee meeting 

We'll arrange a coffee meeting to discuss:

  • the stage of your project and your future plans
  • potential market value and/or community benefit
  • potential partners and competitors
  • ways you can protect your intellectual property.

Benefits and rewards

The commercialisation of our innovative research brings great rewards. In applying our research to solutions that benefit the community, our reputation as a research-intensive university is enhanced, leading to increased research funding and opportunities for collaboration.

Innovators receive a generous 50 per cent net share in commercialisation revenue, in accordance with the University's Intellectual Property Policy

Our Experts

Anna Grocholsky, Director Commercialisation and Innovation

Anna is a successful strategist, negotiator and intellectual property specialist.  With a materials science background Anna then broadened her skills and qualifications through management, creative problem solving and law.  Anna is a registered trade marks attorney and is one of a handful of Australians with the attainment of a Registered Technology Transfer Professional (RTTP) through the global Alliance of Technology Transfer Professionals.

After successfully specialising in product development at A Gonian & Co, Email Limited and James Hardie Industries Ltd., Anna embraced the challenges of Intellectual Property and commercialisation moving into roles at Sydney University in business development and IP management.  In 2011 Anna established her own thriving IP and commercialisation business.  Clients include individuals, small and medium enterprises and larger companies and institutes.  In the two years Anna has been at Macquarie there has been an increase in innovation disclosures and commercial deals have doubled  Anna has also rolled out the Research Engagement, Impact and Commercialisation Framework, IP Guiding Principles and Startup Checklist.

Anna welcomes the opportunity to promote innovations generated within the Macquarie University research community and to foster commercialisation partnerships by engaging with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Phone: +61 2 9850 4599  

Sarah Dacombe, Personal Assistant & Office Co-ordinator

Phone: +61 2 9850 4576  

Gorjana Mitic, Commercialisation and Innovation Manager (Life Sciences)

Gorjana joined Macquarie University as a Commercialisation and Innovation Manager (Life Sciences) in January 2018. She works closely with researchers in life sciences and medicine to assess innovative technologies and facilitate their translation and commercialisation through strategic partnerships, licensing and industry collaborations.

Prior to this role, she was a Business Development Manager at a biotechnology commercialisation consultancy Bio-Link Australia for four years. She worked with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies and Medical Research Institutes to develop IP and commercialisation strategy, secure partnerships and negotiate licensing deals.  She also provided comprehensive reviews of regulatory, competitive and IP landscapes.

Gorjana has an extensive industry network and loves creating opportunities for researchers to collaborate with industry. Thrilled by innovative scientific discoveries and compelling data, Gorjana is always pleased to assist researchers and find ways towards translation and impact.

Prior to receiving her PhD at the Children’s Cancer Institute from the University of NSW (Faculty of Medicine), Gorjana completed a BSc (Biotechnology) with First-Class Honours. Her PhD thesis investigated new molecular targets in glioblastoma, a devastating brain cancer. In 2013, Gorjana was awarded a prestigious Women in Cancer Research Scholar Award. Concurrently, Gorjana obtained a Diploma of Innovation Management at UNSW focusing on the biotechnology industry, commercialisation, technology transfer and IP management. She served as an active committee member and a UNSW student representative of the AusBiotech Student Association for several years.

She is currently a mentor and an alumna of the Bridge Program, a government and industry supported training program for science commercialisation and pharmaceutical drug development. Macquarie University is a proud consortium member of the Bridge Program.

Gorjana also represents Macquarie University and MQ Health as a member of the Medical Research Commercialisation Fund (MRCF) Investment Research Committee.

Phone: +61 2 9850 4542  

Bel Coppock, Intellectual Property Portfolio Manager

Bel has a diverse background in events, regional marketing, customer service and patent management. Bel is responsible for keeping the Office of Commercialisation and Innovation organised.  She also liaises with Macquarie University's existing pool of inventors and administers royalty payments.

If you have any questions about the commercialisation process at Macquarie University, please talk to Bel.

Phone: +61 (2) 9850 4598  

Kevin Newport, Intellectual Property Portfolio Officer

Phone: +61 2 9850 4489  
Email: or

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