• Strategy, priorities and initiatives

    Our strategic research framework guides our efforts by setting priorities, goals and objectives, establishing our targets and outlining supporting strategies. It focuses our efforts in the areas of healthy people, resilient societies, prosperous economies, a secure planet and innovative technologies, whilst maintaining healthy respect for academic freedom and scholarship.

    • Grants and funding

      Accessing grants and funding is an integral part of research. Macquarie offers a variety of assistance to researchers seeking funding opportunities through the University. We support applicants to external and internal funding and fellowship schemes as well as research partnerships with external organisations. Our pre-award teams assist researchers with seeking and identifying funding opportunities.

      • Integrity, ethics and approvals

        We’re focused on maintaining a strong research culture built upon respect, honesty and compliance. We promote and support responsible research practices by providing the necessary resources and guidance. At Macquarie, we ensure integrity is built into everything our researchers do and embedded in the quality of our research.

        • Contract management

          Research by its nature can be time consuming and intensive, powered by the innovation and dedication of our people and the partners who share the journey with them. Of course, innovation has value but it also has cost. We believe that recognising the various contributions and expectations of all involved through contractual mechanisms is a natural part of the process and we seek to clearly manage outcomes for mutual benefit.

          • Project management

            Our disciplined approach to project management extends across all of our research activities. Regardless of the size or complexity of the project, we apply a scalable approach to manage risk and deliver desired outcomes. Complex projects are streamlined with an approach that allows us to collaborate, communicate and manage the administration activities without distracting us from the real work of research.

            • Resources and support

              Whether you’re a seasoned researcher or just starting out, Macquarie offers the resources and support to help you on your journey. We connect you to a network of people, knowledge and funding, and provide the tools and facilities you need to manage and support your work. With Macquarie, you’ll have access to services and training that will allow you to grow your skills and develop your career.

              • Commercialisation and Innovation

                Macquarie has an excellent track-record for turning innovative research into tangible solutions that benefit the community and have a real impact on people’s lives. We can help you take your idea to the next level, making sure that your intellectual property is protected and you receive appropriate recognition for your research.

                • Managing graduate researchers

                  Managing graduate researchers is an important role. It combines your skills as a researcher and teacher as well as your deep understanding of how research connects to the world beyond the campus. As you help your graduate shape a career in research it’s important that you understand the University’s expectations as well as those of your candidate.

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