Sustainability rep network

Sustainability rep network

What is the Sustainability Representative Network?

The Sustainability Representative Network (SRN) promotes sustainability within departments, allowing the sharing of best practice and ideas in order to meet the vision, objectives and targets set for the University. 

The SRN is comprised of dedicated staff and students who are enthusiastic about being involved in discussions, actions and initiatives to make a difference.

Why join the SRN?

What is the role of the SRN?

The role is directed towards meeting the University's sustainability objectives and involves two-way communication between the represented department and the Macquarie Sustainability Team. 

Each member is the first point of contact for their colleagues on sustainability issues in the workplace. Representatives provide support and information on key sustainability issues and facilitate action in their area.

What do SRN members get out of being involved?

The role has been formally recognised by the University, and as such, those who participate are rewarded with time to attend training and information workshops and department/SRN meetings. 

All workshops and meetings hosted by Macquarie Sustainability are catered with delicious food to keep our representatives well nourished.

Our basic motto is to enjoy what we do. This means that while accessing learning opportunities and participating in making things happen, there is always an element of fun.

Who is in the SRN?

Please contact your area's representative if you have any questions or suggestions for action regarding sustainability initiatives in your department or office.

SRN representatives

How do I get involved?

We are always looking for enthusiastic and motivated people with great ideas and a willingness to make a difference! Prior knowledge of sustainability is desirable though not essential. 

Our aim is to have at least one SRN member for every building on campus. If being involved in something great is appealing to you, please get in touch by emailing Cindy Cunningham, the Sustainability Engagement Officer, or calling Cindy on +61 (2) 9850 1087

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