Banksia Cottage

Banksia Cottage

Our history

Banksia Cottage was established by a committee of dedicated staff members of Macquarie University who needed childcare services on campus. Led by Jean Joss they lobbied the University and successfully began building the Centre in 1992.

The Centre opened its doors on Monday 22 February 1993 as the Macquarie University Child Care Centre at Banksia Cottage. It was licensed for 60 children and gave priority to families of University staff. Professor Jack Bassett, Deputy Vice Chancellor, was appointed to oversee the governing Banksia Board.   

In 1995, due to the increasing demand for Banksia Cottage's services, the University agreed to extend the Centre from three playrooms to five.

Banksia Cottage now comes under the management of Campus Life and is open to University staff and students. It retains the community spirit that it has always operated with and continues to provide high quality education and care to the University community.

Banksia's philosophy was reviewed and redeveloped two years ago to reflect the current beliefs, practices and values of the Banksia current team. 

Our philosophy has five core principles that guide our relationships with all stakeholders and the wider community. Each of the principles complements each other and has the same importance as the other. 

This philosophy is reviewed and updated annually with the collaboration of the whole team of educators.

Banksia Cottage - Our Philosophy
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