Do you have a data management plan?

All university research projects should have a robust and well thought through data management plan.  All members should be familiar and abide by the plan. University guilds and templates are available from the Research Office.

Why Cloud storage?

Office 365 is the cloud storage recommended for staff because;

  • Access from anywhere on any device
  • Allows for co-authoring of documents in real time
  • Files have version history for recovery and audit trail
  • Notification/alerts upon document changes
  • Collaboration features like email list, calendars and tasks lists

Storage Providers

  • One Drive: 1TB (max 5TB) storage available with your Staff Office365 Mail.
  • Google Drive: Cloud storage available for students
  • Cloudstor: Select Macquarie University and have 100GB storage, available to all Macquarie University users.

Why file servers?

FSE-IT provides networked file servers for various purposes. Benefits of saving files to a file server:

  • Regular backups: All data on file servers are backed up, usually weekly. No backups are done for local computers.

Risks of storing your files locally

  • Lab Machines: All student files stored in the Lab Machines locally can be removed anytime, without notice.
  • University Owned Machines: All files store in your computer locally are not backed up.

Backing up your data elsewhere

Remember best practice for data management is to have at least 3 copies/backups of your critical data. This is your responsibility.

Having your files stored in the network drive will only reduces the risk of data loss, please also take note that:

  • All student files stored on the server Claudius will be deleted at the end of each semester, you will be notified by email before that happens and can request recovery.
  • Any files which are regarded as official university record should be saved in the Truth.

Temporary ‘Scratch’ storage

Some servers offer a ‘Scratch’ directory facility which is large enough to use as temporary storage for large data sets. Please note it is not backed up. It can be found as /scratch.

Database (teaching)

The faculty supports student learning by providing an easy to use web tool for student database management. For enrolled student (or staff) use only:

Data transfer with external collaborators?

Up to 100GB can be uploaded by external collaborators to your CloudStor.

Research data (large data sets)

For large data sets (> 5TB), please contact the System’s team directly (contact-us) to discuss best options available.

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