National Computational Infrastructure (NCI)

National Computational Infrastructure (NCI)

As a member of the Macquarie University research community you have access to the facilities at National Computational Infrastructure (NCI)


HPC compute


Linux cluster with approx 3600 compute nodes with 48 CPU cores and 192 Gigabytes of RAM per node including 160 nodes with 4 x nVidia P100 GPUs and 1.5 TBytes of Optane persistent storage.

Cloud compute


NCI’s high performance partner cloud is specifically designed for data-intensive computation.

Signing up

To sign up, visit: and complete the 'Sign up here' process.

Note: you must use an email address ending in '' in order for your NCI account to be associated with Macquarie University.

Requesting resources

Once you have signed up you can request access to resources via by either:

  • Joining an existing project (if your not sure, request access to FSE pilot project sa4 ); or
  • Proposing a new project

All resource allocations are granted by the Macquarie University Research Compute Allocation Committee.  To request an allocation please send an email to:

addressing the questions below.

Allocation Request Questions

Project Title

Please include any existing NCI project code.

Project description

Please tell us a bit more about your project, and in what way high-performance computing is involved (<= 100 words).

Experience with  high-performance computing

Please include a link to your Google Scholar profile or other list of publications (or your supervisor's if you haven't yet had an opportunity to build a track record), and briefly note what prior experience you've had with using high-performance computing (<= 50 words).

Have you had any induction ?

Eg through Faculty IT or use of the sa4 project.

KSU requested

Period (eg 2020 Q2)

Cost estimate

Please tell us how you came up with your estimate of number of service units, and also how likely you think you are to use all of the requested allocation (<= 50 words).

How much resources have you already used ?

Is this a top up request ?

If so, what's changed (why was your previous allocation insufficient)?


Please let us know if you have any upcoming deadlines, such as a thesis submission. What happens if you don’t get the allocation?

Any additional input from your Supervisor

Just investigating?

If you wish do some initial investigation/discovery you can request access to the Faculty of Science and Engineering Piloting Environment.

Project Codes:

  • sa4 – RAIJIN
  • aj58 – TENJIN

Then possibly graduate to requesting your own project in the future.

Joining an existing project

Joining an existing project makes sense if you are joining an existing / established group.

Join a project, via

Projects and groups – >

Find project or group ->

Request Membership using the “Join” tab.

Proposing a new project

For more significant resource request, you may propose a new project (requires allocation approval from the Research Compute Allocation Committee).

To propose a new project, visit and complete the: Propose a project process.

Projects for student activities are to be requested by supervisors (who then add the student to the project as a researcher).

Getting help

NCI offer a large number of support materials at:

FSE-IT are available to help you get started.

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