Your ScienceID is the username and password you use to authenticate to many legacy IT resources within the Faculty of Science and Engineering (FSE). These include:

  • Some Faculty fileservers (e.g. Darwin network drive)
  • Older Unix systems
  • Older password-protected web pages

One ID vs ScienceID: What's the difference?

Your OneID is used to log in to nearly all other systems. ScienceID existed before OneID, and will be eventually replaced by OneID.

Request a ScienceID

Request a ScienceID using the ScienceID Account Request Form (approvals are required)

Reset/change your ScienceID password

If you’ve forgotten your password, contact ScienceIT for help.

Reset your ScienceID password

Check your ScienceID

Check your ScienceID details

ScienceID guest accounts

Any Faculty staff with a valid ScienceID can create temporary ScienceID-guest accounts. These accounts have limited access into the Science systems and NO associated email address. Create a guest account with an expiry date.

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