Personal web pages

Personal web pages

Coursework student web pages

1. Login using your OneID via ssh to:

  • or

This requires an active OneID and an ssh client (eg PuTTY)

2. Create your html and cgi-bin directories:

  • mkdir ~/html ~/html/cgi-bin

3. Set the directory permissions to allow publishing:

  • chmod 711 ~ ~/html ~/html/cgi-bin
    note: there are spaces between the tilde (~) - this will change your home folder, html and html/cgi-bin with permission rwx--x--x

4. Place your initial web page in your html folder and call it:

  • index.html

Note: you can upload this file using a file transfer tool (eg WinSCP) or copy to your folder on the H: drive:

  • H:\html

This file must have permissions set to allow everyone to read it.

5. Your page should now be visible at:


If you also require a database for your website, FSE-IT provides an easy to use web tool for database management. You must be a an enrolled student (or staff) to use the MySQL Database Web Management

Staff Web Pages

Please update your profile on the Researcher Portal (login link in footer) or FSE Directory

Coursework student web pages allow staff and students to write HTML, CGI scripts and publish as part of their coursework. Please note that all material published on Macquarie University web sites must follow university publishing guidelines. You will be held responsible for all material you publish plus any breach of university guidelines.

Note: The University is in the process of reviewing how personal web pages are managed – hence any material publish via the following method may be subject to review.

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