MATLAB Cluster

MATLAB Cluster

MATLAB parallel computing

Do you need more power to compute solutions than is available on your desktop? If yes, consider utilising the faculty MATLAB cluster by following the instructions here.

  1. Request an account from FSE-IT via onehelp ticket on MATLAB cluster
  2. SSH to cluster head node ( and ran the command “matlab”

If you wish to use your desktop:

  1. Download here pre-define Cluster Profile, before starting matlab.
  2. Open Matlab,  click on Parallel and select Manage Cluster Profiles.


3. In pop up window click on Import to import pre-defined Cluster Profile.


4. Select the downloaded cluster profile to import


5. After importing Cluster profile (FSE MATLAB Cluster), select it and click on validate


6. If cluster profile is working OK, you will see all green ticks.


7. Cluster is ready for your use. If you need to increase the number if nodes or number of cores, click on edit button.


8. Click on done to finish the configuration.


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