Macquarie University holds a MathWorks TAH (Total Academic Headcount) license for MATLAB and associated products. This license allows academic and research usage by staff and students on both University owned, and personally owned devices.

MathWorks registration

Required for standalone MATLAB installs, MATLAB Online, MATLAB Training, etc

  1. Visit
  2. Click “Sign In” (top right hand corner)
  3. Click “Create Account”
  4. You must use your Macquarie University ( or, @hdr, email address to be automatically attached to the Macquarie University license.

MATLAB - Install using MathWorks Account (recommended)

For university and privately owned computes, on or off campus, with or without a permanent internet connection (internet connection required for initial install and activation).

Is attached to your personal MathWorks Account and requires annual renewal.

1. Login to (see MathWorks Registration below if you haven’t already registered)

2. Download, install the required products:

    Click in top right corner of site -> My Account -> Choose Products -> Download

3. Install and use


Standalone installs require an annual renewal (typically in October):

  • Run MATLAB -> Help -> Licenses -> Update Current Licenses -> Log in with MathWorks Account

MATLAB – Install using File Installation Key

requires continuous OneNet connection (wired, wireless or vpn).

To install MATLAB you will require the Installer File, File Installation Key plus an appropriate License File – all available below …

Installer File

Installers are available for Windows, MacOS and Linux and can be downloaded from (requires MathWorks Registration - see below).

File Installation Key

Version R2019b


Licence File

Download (right click, Save as …) here:

Note: An installation using this license file will only work while you are connected to OneNet - you might like to consider the laptop / home installed instead ...


MATLAB in a brower - requires Mathworks Registration ...


Includes access to MATLAB Drive online storage (5 GB):

MATLAB training

Online training available to all staff and students ...


requires Mathworks Registration (see above)

Licenced products

  • Simulink
  • Antenna Toolbox
  • Audio System Toolbox
  • Bioinformatics Toolbox
  • Communications System Toolbox
  • Computer Vision System Toolbox
  • Control System Toolbox
  • Curve Fitting Toolbox
  • Data Acquisition Toolbox
  • Database Toolbox
  • Datafeed Toolbox
  • DSP System Toolbox
  • Econometrics Toolbox
  • Financial Instruments Toolbox
  • Financial Toolbox
  • Fixed-Point Designer
  • Fuzzy Logic Toolbox
  • Global Optimization Toolbox
  • HDL Coder
  • HDL Verifier
  • Image Acquisition Toolbox
  • Image Processing Toolbox
  • Instrument Control Toolbox
  • LTE System Toolbox
  • Mapping Toolbox
  • MATLAB Coder
  • MATLAB Compiler
  • MATLAB Compiler SDK
  • Model Predictive Control Toolbox
  • Neural Network Toolbox
  • Optimization Toolbox
  • Parallel Computing Toolbox
  • Partial Differential Equation Toolbox
  • Phased Array System Toolbox
  • RF Blockset
  • RF Toolbox
  • Signal Processing Toolbox
  • SimBiology
  • Simscape
  • Simscape Driveline
  • Simscape Electronics
  • Simscape Multibody
  • Simscape Power Systems
  • Simulink Coder
  • Design Optimization
  • Simulink Desktop Real-Time
  • Simulink Real-Time
  • Spreadsheet Link
  • Stateflow
  • Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox
  • Symbolic Math Toolbox
  • System Identification Toolbox
  • Wavelet Toolbox
  • WLAN System Toolbox

Having trouble installing?

If you are having trouble, please feel free to Contact Us!

Matlab parallel computing

Please go to the MATLAB cluster page for setup instructions

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