e-Waste disposal

e-Waste disposal

The University has policies and guidelines in place for the disposal of electronic waste. The two documents are:

E-Waste includes equipment which is dependent on electronic currents or electromagnetic fields in order to operate. They include desktop and laptop computers, telephone handsets, VCRs, fax machines, DVD players, power supplies, handheld devices (including chargers), batteries, data projectors, UPS, digital cameras, scanners, printers, photocopiers, keyboard and mice.

E-waste is not to be disposed of in rubbish bins nor skip bins, but by using the University’s e-waste collection system which is then collected by Sims Recycling Solutions. ScienceIT will collect e-waste from Faculty locations and store in a location on the ground floor of E6A. When that room is full ScienceIT arranges for an e-waster collection by Property. All you need to do is raise a OneHelp ticket stating an e-waste collection with the building/room number.

Note that the faculties, departments and individuals are responsible for:

  • asset deletion as per the University Asset Policy (http://www.ofs.mq.edu.au/asset_management/index.htm)
  • data sanitisation or hard disk destruction (at the moment ScienceIT are removing hard disks and storing them until a cost effective and safe method of data destruction is found)
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