Connect to a VNC server

Connect to a VNC server

To access a graphical environment on a Linux server you require SSH access to a server with VNC Server installed, plus a device with a VNC client installed.

1. Connect to VNC server host via ssh (eg using PuTTY)

2. Start youself a VNC server desktop:

New 'X' desktop is ada:1

(the very first time you start a VNC server it will prompt you for a VNC password which you need to remember)

3. Take note of the new desktop’ name (eg ada:1)

4. Install a VNC client on your device (eg the free viewer from RealVNC –

5. Configure your VNC client to connect to the ‘desktop’ using the fully qualified name for the desktop server (eg

6. Connect!

To terminate a VNC server desktop use the following:

vncserver -kill :

Some servers are firewalled and will require SSH port forwarding to allow access to the VNC server ports.  In this case you can use a tool like or manually configure your ssh client. Search something like “ssh port forwarding vnc” for lots of how to’s

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