Macquarie University uses Office365 Outlook.

Connecting via the web:

Server settings for use with third-party software:

  • IMAP4, Server:, Port:993, Protocol: SSL/TLS
  • POP3, Server:, Port:995, Protocol: SSL/TLS
  • SMTP, Server:, Port:587, Protocol: StartTLS

Thunderbird for Office365

MQ Office365 settings

Please upgrade Thunderbird to the latest version. To find out what version is installed, click on Help -> About in Thunderbird.

The following instructions are for Thunderbird version 38.4.0 (as of Dec 2015).

In Thunderbird:

  1. Click on the triple horizontal bar icon
  2. Options > Account Settings
  3. Account Actions button -> Add Mail Account
  4. Your name: First and Last name
  5. Email Address: Full MQ email address (ie:
  6. Password: your OneID password
  7. Click Continue > Manual config button
  8. Select the following options:
  9. Incoming: IMAP,, 993, SSL/TLS, Normal password
  10. Outgoing: SMTP,, 587, StartTLS, Normal password
  11. Username: your full email address for both incoming and outgoing (ex:
  12. Done

See Configuration instructions for other email clients.

Note: If you already using Thunderbird for checking your mail on GMAIL, after step 2, please change your “Account Name” into something different (ex: GMAIL) or something like that. When creating new account, by default it will use the email address as the account name, and Thunderbird does not handle having 2 identical account name, hence why you need to rename your previous Account Name. After this, continue on to step 3.

Unit mailing aliases (auto-generated based on enrollments)

The following student mailing lists, must be suffixed with “”

Please make sure you use BCC when addressing a large number of people.

  • comp1ug: All 100 level COMP prefixed units
  • comp2ug: All 200 level COMP prefixed units
  • comp3ug: All 300 level COMP prefixed units
  • comp4ug: All 400 level COMP prefixed units
  • comp8pg: All 800 level COMP prefixed units
  • compug: Includes all COMP undergrad units

Note: comp can be substituted for another faculty unit prefix (eg, math), but not for all units

This system is under review and may transition in the near future. Please contact FSE-IT if you need to use this.

How to join Office 365 groups

1. Log into the online version of Office365 (OWA) here

2. Select the button in the top left corner of the screen

3. Select the people tile


4. Select discover under groups. If it doesn’t appear there click on the arrow next to the word Groups


5. Select All Groups from the left hand side of the page

select group

6. From this point you can either scroll through all the groups in order to browse them, or use the search bar to find a specific group

7. Once you’ve found the group you would like to join, click on the group and select join

join group

8. Fill out the request to join and click send


9. After the owner of the group has approved your request the group will appear here

owner approval

Mailing lists and groups


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