Requesting an eye test

Requesting an eye test

Eye tests are used to monitor the health of your eye while working at MQ. These tests are important for understanding what has happened to your eye in the event of an incident. An eye test is required before you can access laser labs to start work. To access this form,

  1. Log into the OneHelp system
  2. Go to,
    1. Research
    2. Lasers
    3. Request an eye test
  3. Your personal information should be prefilled by the system
  4. Select your academic supervisor by typing their name into the "Supervisor to approve" field and selecting their name from those show by the system.
  5. Add a request subject and description
  6. Submit the form

Once submitted the application will be approved by your supervisor and the faculty finance representative (FSE only). Once all approvals have been granted, you will receive an email with instructions for obtaining your eye test.

NOTE: For faculties other than FSE, boxes will appear asking for an account code and account name for the payment to be drawn from. In the event you are unsure of which account to use, please contact your department administrator or supervisor.

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