Request laser room access for non-user

Request laser room access for non-user

This form will be used to determine who should have access to a room containing a laser at MQ. This form does not give you approval for the use of a laser system and the "Request laser access" should be used in this instance.  Note: you will not be able to fill in this form if you have not completed a laser eye test.

To access this form,

  1. Log into the OneHelp system
  2. Go to,
    1. Research
    2. Lasers
    3. Request laser room access for non-user
  3. Your personal information should be prefilled by the system
  4. Fill in the building of the room you wish to access
  5. Fill in the room within that above mentioned building you wish to access.
  6. Select the lasers in the room you are requesting access to from the list of lasers registered in the system
    1. use the ">" arrow to add a highlighted laser to the "selected" list
    2. use the "<" arrow to remove a highlighted laser from the "selected list"
  7. You can search for a specific laser using the search field by
    1. running a filter on the building and room you wish to access to do this
      1. click the "choose field" field and type the field you wish to filter with. Some suggestions are
        1. Building
        2. Room
        3. Asset tag
      2. click the "and" and "or" buttons to add another field to help refine your search
      3. clicking run filter will filter the results shown in the "Available" list
      4. clicking add filter will allow you to perform more complex searches but is generally not needed.
  8. Select whether you have been inducted by the lab manager. If you answer "No" you should arrnage a time for an induction as this may delay the approval of this request.
  9. Select the lab manager for the room you wish to gain access by typing their name into the "Who is the lab manager" field and selecting their name from those show by the system.
  10. Select your academic supervisor by typing their name into the "Who is your supervisor" field and selecting their name from those show by the system.
  11. Add a request subject and description
  12. Submit the form

Once submitted the request will go to your supervisor and lab manager for approval. Once they approve it will go to the LSO for approval.

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