Australian and New Zealand standards

Australian and New Zealand standards

For information about these standards please contact Sophie Mazard ext 9729. They can be accessed online at SAI Global from a computer in the University.

  • AS/NZS IEC 60825.14:2011 : Safety of laser products - A user's guide - This is the standard which contains most of the information for users in the laboratory and each laboratory should have a printed copy in their laser safety file. Note that the data tables in this section are now out of date. Use the data tables in AS/NZS IEC 60825.1:2014.
  • AS/NZS IEC 60825.1:2014 : Safety of laser products - Equipment classification and requirements - Primarily aimed at manufacturers, this is the domain of the Laser Safety Officer. Will come into play if prototype lasers have to be classified for loan to other institutions.
  • AS NZS 2211.10:2004 Safety of laser products - Application guidelines and explanatory notes to AS NZS 2211.1 (IEC TR 60825-10:2002, MOD)
  • AS/NZS IEC 60825.2:2011 : Safety of laser products - Safety of optical fibre communication systems (OFCS)
  • AS NZS 2211.9:2002 Safety of laser products - Compilation of maximum permissible exposure to incoherent optical radiation

The following standards are now superceded:

  • AS/NZS 2211.1:2004 Safety of laser products - Equipment classification, requirements and user's guide (IEC 60825-1:2001, MOD) - replaced by AS/NZS IEC 60825.1:2011 and AS/NZS IEC 60825.14:2011.
  • AS NZS 2211.2:1997 Laser safety - Safety of optical fibre communication systems - replaced by AS/NZS IEC 60825.2:2011

For a summary of the 2011 changes see Modifications to the Australian Laser Safety Standards December 2011. The 2014 changes are primarily to the data tables and for medical lasers.

The SAI Global licence is single user, so if someone else is looking at standards you will get a "no licence available" message. In that case you just have to close the window and come back later. When you do get into the account search for "laser safety" or the standard number. If the above link doesn't work, alternative access is via the library at Macquarie University. Search for "SAI Global" in the "Databases" box.

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