General hazardous chemical safety induction

The general hazardous chemical safety induction consists of two modules:

  • Module 1: an online component (ELMO)
  • Module 2: a practical component

The aim of the chemical safety induction is for the trainee to understand the basic principles of managements of hazardous chemicals acquisition and storage, use in the course of their work and correct disposal techniques.  The induction is designed to encourage the engagement of both the trainee (student/staff/volunteer) and their supervisor/manager in matters of safety in the workplace (e.g. laboratory).

Initial setup:

Individual students/staff/volunteer details need to be provided for enrollment in the online system. Please provide the following details to for registration:

  • First and Last Name; Preferred Name;
  • MQ number; Email;
  • Faculty or DVC; Department;
  • Position: e.g. MRES, PhD, Post doc, continuing staff (academic or technical), visitor, volunteer;
  • Supervisor/Manager Name.

When registration is completed, the login details will be sent to the individual through the provided email.

Module 1

The online module presents general information about the basic principles of managements of hazardous chemicals acquisition and storage, use in the course of their work and correct disposal techniques. At the end of the online component, the trainee has to complete an assessment. Once the online Hazardous Chemical Safety module and Assessment have been completed, the pass certificate should be printed. A pass mark of 80% will need to be secured to obtain the certificate of completion for this module.

Module 2

This module consists of a two-way Observational Record between the trainee and their supervisor at the next practicum.

The purpose of the observational record is to enable each researcher to transfer safety principles into practice. Students will need to contact their supervisor for this part of the assessment. It will be an observation of an experimental process that would normally be done in their line of work.

The experimental process for the observation should cover typical activities such as equipment use (e.g. fume cupboard), correct hazardous chemical handling, process of waste disposal.

The supervisor will be watching the trainee and helping with procedures and protocols to ensure inductees are working safely. Trainees will also need to observe another experience person in their practicum (such as supervisor, a staff member of the laboratory or an experienced HDR student).

Completion of induction

The online Hazardous Chemical module certificate and the two completed observational forms are to be sighted by the Health & Safety Unit. On completion these documents should be emailed to

Please do not hesitate to provide feedback on this induction for us to provide the best and most suitable training. If you have any difficulties or any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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