Faculty Funding Schemes


Support for visiting academics

The Faculty Visiting Researcher Fellowship Scheme is targeted at researchers of very high standing relative to their career stage, and who are invited to Macquarie University by a Faculty academic staff member for a short period of time. The Faculty will provide up to $5,000 for each visitor to help cover the costs of the visit, depending upon length of stay and travel costs. All visitors to Macquarie University, who are not Australian citizens or permanent residents, must hold a valid visa.

Larger amounts may be requested in exceptional circumstances and/or in combination with other schemes, and there are limits to the number of times people can apply. Money granted should be expended in the year in which it is provided. Applications for this scheme are managed in PURE. Please contact for instructions on how to apply.

Faculty Visiting Researcher Scheme 2019 Round 2

The next round of the Faculty Visiting Researcher Fellowship Scheme is now open, for the visits during the period from August to December 2019. Applications outside this period will be considered under exceptional circumstances.

Applications will close on the 31st of May 2019.

Please note that the signatures are no longer required on the Application form. Submission of the application through Pure is equivalent to the Host signature. Please attach correspondence from the Visitor confirming that they are accepting the invitation to visit Macquarie University. All applications will be approved through Pure by Heads of Departments.

Faculty Visiting Researcher Fellowship Scheme Information Sheet
Faculty Visiting Researcher Fellowship Scheme Application Form

For reporting on previous rounds, please use the FINAL REPORT FORM TEMPLATE.

Faculty Safety Net

The University runs a Safety Net scheme to assist researchers who have been ranked in the top 10% of unsuccessful applications in the ARC Discovery and Linkage Programs, and Category 6 NHMRC Project, Development and Partnership applications.

The Faculty of Science and Engineering also offers a Safety Net scheme for those applications which fall into the 10-25% band of unsuccessful applications. The faculty scheme provides up to $10,000 for anything that will make the proposal more competitive in subsequent rounds. Following the announcement of results for eligible funding schemes, the faculty will contact you to ask if you wish to apply for this safety net.

Please follow this link for information regarding the:

Faculty of Science and Engineering Staff Travel scheme  
Faculty of Science and Engineering Parental Leave Research Fellowship

Funding resources

Research matters

Research Matters is a fortnightly email newsletter from the Faculty Research Office which aims to keep researchers informed about what is happening in the faculty and across the University, which deadlines are approaching and which schemes will soon be opening.

You should automatically be added to the mailing group if you are a new academic staff member employed within the faculty. If you are not an academic staff member and would like to receive the newsletter, please email and ask to be added to the mailing list.

University Research Services

The University Research Office maintains a webpage of Fellowships and Grant Opportunities with links and descriptions to a number of major funding bodies. Each funding opportunity listed will have the university and faculty closing dates as well as all documentation relevant to the opportunity.

They also maintain a helpful Training and Support webpage, which links to upcoming talks and seminars relating to funding opportunities and managing grants. This site also holds archives of presentation material and recordings of past workshops.

The University Research Office also holds a library of successful applications from previous rounds for a variety of funding schemes. We recommend that you have a look through these – please contact to make an appointment.

Research Professional

Macquarie University has an institutional subscription to Research Professional, an online database owned by Research ResearchLimited, a UK company, who also provide a research jobs network. The funding database can be searched for opportunities by using a number of criteria, including discipline, closing date, funding type and amount. You should follow up by checking the funder website, as the information contained in Research Professional is not always up to date.

Defence funding

The Next Generation Technologies Fund is managed by the Defence Science and Technology group, and is geared toward fundamental research. It is forecast to invest $730 million, across a range of priorities, up to 2026. The Defence Innovation Hub through the NGTF brings small agile companies, including start-ups, larger companies and academic researchers to work alongside Defence Science and Technology (DST) Group scientists, and all GC projects are mission-focused with clearly-defined end goals.  For this reason, familiarity with the material on the Defence Innovation Portal and early engagement with leaders of relevant DSTG Research Divisions is essential.

Awards and prizes

The DVCR’s Office maintains a list of upcoming External Awards and Prizes. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on a month to see what is closing to nominations in that month. The Faculty has processes in place for some of the major prizes, so if you are interested in applying for or positioning yourself toward winning a prize, please discuss your interest with your Head of Department.

You can find information about the Faculty Research Awards on the Awards, Schemes and Procedures Intranet page.

Applying for a grant

Faculty processes

Please talk to the Faculty Research Office about all potential research funding opportunities that you are thinking of pursuing. That way we can make sure the resources you need are available to help you when you need them. We will also let you know what the process is for the particular scheme you are applying for. The Faculty closing date for review of applications is usually one week earlier than the central Research Office deadline.

Getting help with the media

Publicise your success, and raise your profile!

The Media and Communications team at Macquarie University can assist withal media related activities such as external communications (how to write media releases, how to set out pitches and how to handle media enquiries), internal communications (through MQ webpages and This Week at Macquarie University), and the use of Macquarie University social communications platforms. They also have a specific section of their website for scientists, called Science Media Savvy.

Contacts are:

Social media team:
External communications, and to arrange media training:

The communications team can also show you how to use Altmetrics to follow your media profile.

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