January 2020

Funding updates:



Faculty Visiting Researcher Scheme 2020

The Faculty Visiting Researcher Fellowship Scheme has closed.

Applications colsed on the 21st of October 2019 for visits during the period from 1 January to 30 June 2020.

Visiting Researcher Fellowship Scheme is targeted at researchers of very high standing relative to their career stage, and who are invited to Macquarie by a Faculty academic staff member for a short period of time. The Faculty will provide up to $5,000 for each visitor to help cover the costs of the visit, depending upon length of stay and travel costs. All visitors to Macquarie University, who are not Australian citizens or permanent residents, must hold a valid visa. Please attach correspondence from the Visitor confirming that they are accepting the invitation to visit Macquarie University.

Please note Cross-Scheme Eligibility for OSP, Visiting Researcher Fellowship Scheme and Faculty Travel Scheme: Applications can be funded for only one of these schemes in any one calendar year. This includes an approved OSP, even if the OSP does not contain travel money.

Faculty Visiting Researcher Fellowship Scheme Information Sheet
Faculty Visiting Researcher Fellowship Scheme Application Form


ARC Discovery Projects are open

Australian Research Council Discovery Projects (DP21) are open in RMS. It is recommended you download the MQ DP21 Advice Toolkit and the MQ DP21 Budget Calculator. The changes from the previous round are on page 4 of the toolkit.


  • Your complete application must be submitted in the ARC RMS system (by clicking on ‘Submit to Research Office’) by the FSE submission date of Wednesday 22nd January 2020.
  • Your PURE record must be created in the system and submitted for internal approval by the FSE submission date of Wednesday 22nd January 2020. Please attach a pdf of your complete draft from RMS to your PURE record.
  • Please also attach to your PURE record signed MQ Certification proforma documents if you have proposal participants who are not from MQ.

Submitting in this way will fix your place in the compliance review order. Applications will be released back to you in RMS by Preaward within 48 hours after submission so that you can continue to work on it while waiting for your feedback.

You will receive two types of feedback:

1. Strategic feedback by your Faculty Research Office or Research Development Manager.

2. Compliance feedback by the Proposals Team in Research Services. Applications submitted on time will receive at least two rounds of compliance feedback prior to the ARC submission date.

The due date of your second compliance check will be given by the Proposals Team at the time of your first compliance feedback. After the second compliance check, your application will then be sent through the PURE workflow for all necessary Faculty Approvals (HoD and ADR),

Requests Not to Assess must be emailed to by Wednesday 29th January 2020.

For applicants submitting through another institution, your PURE record must be created in the system and submitted for internal approval by Wednesday 29th January 2020. A complete copy of the draft application from RMS should be attached along with any certification documents that require signing.


PURE updates:

Please see the Library PURE Training page for session times.

Please make sure your ORCID is set and linked to your PURE profile:

The steps are:

1) Link PURE to ORCID
2) Set PURE to automatically harvest from Scopus
3) Link ORCID to Scopus
4) Set ORCID to have MQ as number one affiliation

For instructions on how to do this please visit Macquarie University's ORCID website or contact


Partnership Information:

Prof Grant Hose, the Associate Dean of Industry and Corporate Engagement, would like to invite you to make an appointment to talk to him early in the process if you are thinking of developing partnership and engagement opportunities. Please see the Resources page for more information.

ARC Linkages

The confusingly named “Grant Guidelines for the Linkage Program: Linkage Projects (2019 edition) for funding applied for in 2020” are now available in Grant Connect.

There will be three rounds run by the ARC this year, however applications in RMS will carry over from round to round until the final round closes on the 1st December 2020.

MQ internal dates are available from the MQ ARC Linkages webpage. The first round dates will be:
MQ submission date: Wednesday 11th March 2020
Submission to ARC: Wednesday 8th April 2020


Upcoming Seminars:

NHMRC Ideas Grant Funding Scheme

This workshop will walk through the Ideas Grant application. From the NHMRC Grants Management System, to the Research Proposal, including the Innovation and Creativity Statement, Significance Statement and Feasibility Statement.

Date: Thursday 12 March 2020
Time: 12:30 – 13:30
Location: E7A 801 (12 Wally's Walk, level 8, room 801)
Speaker: Courtney Bendall (Research Services)


Images used on these pages come from Chris Stacey (Visual Assets Specialist, MQ Marketing), and C.A.L.
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