June 2020

Funding updates:



Faculty Visiting Researcher Scheme

The Faculty Visiting Researcher Scheme will not be opening for the second half of 2020.

Other Schemes

The NHMRC have cancelled the 2020 Synergy Grants Round. Please see the NHMRC Funding Calendar for closing dates and MRFF opportunities related to the coronavirus.

New Online Process for Carry-Forward and Variation Requests (Excludes OSP)

The Postaward Team have introduced a new online process with a single online form for Carry-Forward and Variation requests. Some of the benefits of moving online include reduced printing/signing of documents, streamlined approvals workflow, visibility of the process at each stage and reporting. The new *Macquarie Internal Research Grant Variation Form can be accessed via Service Now. Further information, guidelines and link are available at:

The Postaward team will welcome your feedback on the new form as well as suggestions for other Postaward process improvements. Please contact the team at .

*Please Note: The new online variation form should be used for all internal grant schemes excluding Outside Studies Program (OSP). Proposed changes to OSP require the submission of an OSP variation form. Changes to this form are still under review.

ETHICS Updates

Ethics in the time of Coronavirus

Please note that if you have projects for which you needed ethics approval, all face-to-face data collection is to stop, pending further notice. Researchers, both staff and students, should continue with alternate arrangements (e.g. online or via other remote methods) and ensure that ethics applications are updated accordingly.

These project changes will be prioritised, reviewed and approved by the Executive or the Chairs of the HRECs via Macquarie’s Human Research Ethics Management System. If researchers cannot continue a project without face-to-face participant contact and need to delay or suspend their work, please email

If you are in a position to continue your research without face-to-face participant contact (e.g., online or via other remote methods), please update your ethics application online in accordance with recently circulated requirements.

For Research that is more than Low-risk, you should submit urgent requests via the HREC system and also contact directly, explaining any protocol changes implemented to mitigate risk such as:

  • Changes to screening or consent from face-to-face to phone or virtual (e.g. Skype, Zoom, etc) meetings;
  • Changes in the way participants are supplied with any materials or devices;
  • Changes in the way the research is documented (e.g. electronic records rather than paper).

For Low-risk research that was approved through the Faculty Ethics Subcommittee, please email and ask for your application to be unlocked for amendment. If you have multiple methods of data collection already approved in your original application you may not need to lodge an amendment, simply cease any face-to-face collection of data.


PURE updates:

Please see the Library PURE Training page for session times.

Please make sure your ORCID is set and linked to your PURE profile:

The steps are:

1) Link PURE to ORCID
2) Set PURE to automatically harvest from Scopus
3) Link ORCID to Scopus
4) Set ORCID to have MQ as number one affiliation

For instructions on how to do this please visit Macquarie University's ORCID website or contact


Partnership Information:

Prof Grant Hose, the Associate Dean of Industry and Corporate Engagement, would like to invite you to make an appointment to talk to him early in the process if you are thinking of developing partnership and engagement opportunities. Please see the Resources page for more information.

ARC Linkages

The confusingly named “Grant Guidelines for the Linkage Program: Linkage Projects (2019 edition) for funding applied for in 2020” are now available in Grant Connect.

There will be three rounds run by the ARC this year, however applications in RMS will carry over from round to round until the final round closes on the 1st December 2020.

MQ internal dates are available from the MQ ARC Linkages webpage. The second round dates will be:
MQ submission date: Wednesday 18th July 2020
Submission to ARC: Wednesday 5th August 2020


Upcoming Seminars:

All seminars will be reconfigured to be delivered remotely for the next couple of months.

Crafting an Effective ARC DECRA Rejoinder

This online workshop will provide strategic advice to 2021 ARC DECRA applicants on what to include in your rejoinder, pitfalls to avoid, suggested structures, as well as examples from rejoinders where the grant was successfully funded. There will be opportunities to ask questions during the webinar.

Friday 26th June 2020, 12:30 - 14:00
Via Zoom
Dr Ross Hill (Research Services) and Prof John Sutton (Faculty of Medicine, Health and Human Sciences)


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