Funding Opportunities

Funding Opportunities

Funding Opportunities


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For all scheme applications: please submit a Faculty Research Heads-Up (HUp) Form

To search for additional schemes, please check the following sources:

  • FUNDING OPPORTUNITIES CALENDAR: View the calendar here (also downloadable). This calendar, developed by the Faculty Research Office as a guide for researchers within our Faculty, contains a selection of key external funding sources and schemes.
  • RESEARCH SERVICES 2019 MAJOR GRANTS ROUND CALENDAR: View the calendar here. Please note, dates are subject to change by the funding agencies.
  • RESEARCH PROFESSIONAL: Use the Research Professional database to search for Australian and international research funding and research award opportunities. Login and search here.



NOTICE OF INTENT (NoI): Please find specific NoI information at the link to each ARC scheme below.

Additional ARC funding listings can be found at this link.

SchemeMQ Submission Date

Open Continuously

Linkage Projects2 May 2019
1 August 2019
31 October 2019

Opening May

Centres of Excellence (EoI)June 2019 (visit link for date/s)

Opening July

Future Fellowships (EoI)September 2019 (exact date TBA)

Opening September

Australian Laureate FellowshipsOctober 2019 (exact date TBA)

Opening December

Discovery ProjectsTBA
Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA)TBA
Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities (LIEF)TBA
Discovery IndigenousTBA



NOTICE OF INTENT (NoI): Please find specific NoI information at link to each NHMRC scheme below.

Additional NHMRC funding listings can be found at this link.

SchemeMQ Submission Date

Opening January

Partnership Projects (cycle 1)13 March 2019

Opening March

Synergy Grants3 April 2019
Ideas Grants10 April 2019
Clinical Trials and Cohort Studies10 April 2019
Partnership Projects (cycle 2)17 July 2019

Opening April

Postgraduate Scholarships29 May 2019

Opening August

Partnership Projects (cycle 3)7 November 2019

Opening December

Investigator GrantsTBA (January 2020)



To see additional schemes (not included in the list below) please visit the FUNDING OPPORTUNITIES CALENDAR:
The Funding Opportunities Calendar, developed by the Faculty Research Office as a guide for researchers within our Faculty, contains a selection of key external funding sources and schemes.

Please note that the listings below are external schemes outside of the ARC and NHMRC. 

Opening Soon

Dementia Australia grants program June
Stroke FoundationJuly

Closing Soon

MQ Submission date

Collier Charitable Fund16 June 2019
Spencer Small Research Grants on Education Program scheme14 June 2019
Spencer Large Research Grants on Education Program (EoI) 20 June 2019 (sponsor)
Fulbright Australia15 July 2019
CPA Australia, Global Research Perspectives Program (EOI)31 July 2019
mnd Research Institute of Australia16 August 2019

Closed for 2019

Open January
Copyright Agency's Cultural Fund30 April 2019
Open February
FRRR Recovery Grant Program: Grants for Resilience & Wellness26 March 2019
Open March
France and Europe Early- and Mid-Career Researcher (EMCR) Mobility Grants25 March 2019
Ian Potter Round 2 (EoI)3 April 2019
Foundation of Graduates in Early Childhood Studies: Forest Hill Grants15 April 2019
Defence Health Foundation (EoI)17 May 2019
Australian Rotary Mental Health Research Grants (EoI) 2nd round 201913 May 2019
Perpetual Private's 2019 Ramaciotti Health Investment Grants17 May 2019
Open April
Defence Innovation Network: Pilot Projects30 April 2019 (sponsor)
Al & Val Rosenstrauss Fellowship16 April 2019
Diabetes Australia: Research Program Grant Round19 April 2019
The Mason Foundation – ME/CFS Targeted Project Grant (EoI)23 April 2019
Spencer Research-Practice Partnerships: Collaborative Research for Educational Change (EoI)24 May 2019 (sponsor)
AMP Foundation's AMP Tomorrow Fund15 May 2019
Victoria State Government: Countering Violent Extremism Research Grants13 May 2019
Coopers Brewery Foundation: Sustainable Giving (EoI)1 June 2019 (sponsor)
DAAD Australia-Germany Joint Research Cooperation Scheme 30 May 2019



Please note that the listings below are for both Faculty and University-wide internal schemes.

SchemeMQ Submission Date

Open continuously

MQ Fellowship for Indigenous Researchers SchemeN/A
MQ Enterprise Partnership SchemeN/A
MQ Primary Carer Conference Support Scheme
Note that for this continuous scheme there are three submission rounds during the year. 
29 March 2019
21 June 2019 
25 October 2019

Opening May

MQ Outside Studies Program26 June 2019

Opening July

MQ New Staff Grants21 August 2019
MQ Restart Grants21 August 2019

Opening August

MQ Research Seeding Grants18 September 2019
MQ Research Infrastructure Scheme (Small)TBA

Closed for 2019

Faculty Research Centre Scheme
The Faculty is committed to the development of areas of research excellence and considers the establishment of new Faculty Research Centres an important step towards this goal. Please note that there have been some updates to the scheme from previous years, so please ensure you read and follow the current guidelines.
24 May 2019

MQ Research Centre Scheme (MQRC) 2019
This year scheme applications will be a two-stage process:

Stage one will be a Notification of Intention to Submit, which should be emailed to no later than 29 May 2019. The Notification of Intention to Submit should also be no more than 1 A4 page and include the following details:
1) Proposed Centre name
2) Brief overview of the research problem/s the Centre will address
3) Proposed Centre Director and team
4) Administration contact.

Following Notification of Intention to Submit the PVC Research Performance and Innovation will meet with each Director over 17-18 June.. This meeting is intended to help clarify Centre aims, identify potential synergies between proposed Centres and provide guidance with regard to revised selection criteria.

Stage two will require submission of the MQRC Application Form addressing the scheme selection criteria and will close on 24 July 2018.

Proposed new Centres and Centres whose funding period ceases at end of 2019 are required to submit an application in this round.

For more information please visit the scheme page and view the information session slides here.

29 May 2019 (NoI)

MQ Research Fellowship Scheme (MQRF) (EoI)
Please find below some information on the track records of previous MQRF recipients. Note that track record is only one of the assessment criteria and that other factors are taken into consideration but hopefully this information will provide some indication of previous awardee caliber.

A summary of the track records of successful applicants from the 2019 round.
There is extremely intense competition for MQRFs each year with a success rate less than that of nationally-competitive funding opportunities, such as the ARC DECRA scheme and the NHMRC ECF scheme. The 5 successful applicants in 2019 had PhD award dates between 2014 and 2018, and had on average 10 publications (range: 5-16), with an average of 8 as first author (range: 4-13), in high-quality journals or with high-quality publishers. The successful candidates had an average of 8 conference presentations (range: 3-11), were awarded an average of $124,308 in competitive grants (range: $0-$377,000) and received up to 7 external and internal prizes or awards. In future rounds, specific track records may vary, depending on factors such as time since award of PhD, research opportunities and/or career interruptions.

30 May 2019
Faculty ECR Support SchemeThe spirit of the ECR Support Scheme is to award funds to ECRs who have a specific need for funding to enhance their research prospects. 31 May 2019



Please note that the listings below include both internal and external prizes and awards. 

SchemeMQ Submission Date

Opening January

Applied Linguistics Association of Australia Penny McKay Memorial fund18 July 2019

Opening February

Young Tall Poppy Science Awards27 March 2019
Australian Museum Eureka Prizes19 April 2019
Australian Psychological Society Awards16 June 2019

Opening March

Australian Academy of Science Research Awards3 May 2019
Australian Academy of Science Honorific Awards17 April 2019
Nature Inspiring Science and Innovating Science Awards30 April 2019
Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences Awards14 June 2019

Opening May

Paul Bourke Awards for Early Career Research17 July 2019
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