Update on Beni Hassan

Update on Beni Hassan

Update on Beni Hassan

The Beni Hassan @ Macquarie project is supported by an Australian Research Council Discovery Project grant from 2016-2018, and is a collaboration between Macquarie University and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

The project team is comprised of academic staff and a student centred research group, the Beni Hassan Research Group (BHRG), led by Dr Alexandra Woods, Dr Brian Ballsun-Stanton and Nicolle Leary. The BHRG aims to develop employability skills in Ancient History students  and enable active, authentic and collaborative engagement with research undertaken at Macquarie University.

Senior Lecturer in the Department of Ancient History Dr Alexandra Woods' research focuses on the study of visual culture in ancient Egyptian temple and tomb environments, particularly during the Old to Middle Kingdom (Dynasties 3-13, c. 2686 – 1650 BCE).

Drawing on published and unpublished photographs, line art and architectural plans collected by the Macquarie University expedition led by Professor Naguib Kanawati working at Beni Hassan in Egypt (2009-present), the Beni Hassan Visual Dictionary contains accessible descriptions of the various themes, scenes, details and architectural features in a tomb, along with JSesh transcriptions, transliteration, and translation of the hieroglyphic inscriptions and high resolution zoomable photographs and line art.

The first phase of the project centres on developing a digital exhibition showcasing the rich and exceptionally detailed visual and textual repertoire in the tomb of Khnumhotep II (Tomb 2). The exhibition, harnessing the latest e-learning technologies, will provide students at secondary and tertiary institutions and the broader community with an integrated and personalised digital experience of the tomb. An individual can discover and explore the collections at their own pace, according to their own interests, which encourages a non-linear visit with expert commentary providing historical context.

Scroll recording the arrival of a group of foreigners, a detail from the tomb of Khnumhotep II at Beni Hassan

Egypt, Beni Hassan, Upper Cemetery. Tomb of Khnumhotep II (Tomb 3). Chapel. Scene: North wall, Centre section.

For more information please contact Dr Alexandra Woods or visit the website https://benihassan.com/

Contact: Dr Alexandra Woods

Phone: 02 9850 8850

Email: alex.woods@mq.edu.au

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